“No Time for Love, Dr. Jones”: Harrison Ford Injured On Set of Upcoming Film “Indiana Jones V”

My Old Man used to have a saying when encountered with the incontrovertible argument of Mortality and how it applies to all of us: “None of us are getting younger…” Alright, Plato my father certainly wasn’t, but he had a truly great point – Growing old is one of the Great Equalizers in our crazy, mixed-up world and, if we’re all lucky enough, is a phenomenon that we’ll all undergo one day. As I inch ever-closer to that mucho vaunted Senior Discount at McDonalds (GULP), I see the truth in my father’s Mayberry-like philosophy ever more clearly. And, after reading of acting legend Harrison Ford’s latest dalliance with DANGER on the set of upcoming film Indiana Jones V, I’m inclined to suggest to him he stick with a reliable stuntman for some of the trickier action sequences his role as an globe-trotting archeologist calls upon him for. After all, as my father so eloquently phrased it above, “None of us are getting younger.”

 Per those Holy Grail-questing academics over at Variety comes the news that Harrison Ford suffered an onset injury to his shoulder while filming was underway on the latest Indy installment, serious enough to force the American Graffiti star to go on a short hiatus from the film.

 Disney – the producers of the new Indiana Jones entry – issued a statement following Ford’s injury, saying that “In the course of rehearsing for a fight scene, Harrison Ford sustained an injury involving his shoulder. Production will continue while the appropriate course of treatment is evaluated, and the filming schedule will be reconfigured as needed in the coming weeks.”

This isn’t Ford’s first dance with a near-miss, of course: The actor, who also flies as a hobby, has had some close-calls while piloting his planes and has injured his back on a prior Indy flick. Perhaps – rabbit hole time, folks – the very real danger Ford oft-times courts when not on the set is precisely the edge that makes the venerable action hero so perfect in roles like Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy or as Henry Turner in 1991’s Regarding Henry (joking ‘bout that last one, Ladies and Gents).

 Indiana Jones V is being directed by James Mangold of Walk the Line fame and it began filming earlier this month.

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