How to Find If Someone Has a Criminal Record

Do you have a burning desire to learn more about someone? As you learn more about them, you’ll want to check up on their criminal backgrounds. How do you accomplish it without having to go to every police station in the area and calling them all?

It usually occurs in the professional sphere when an employer is looking to hire someone. That isn’t to say it can’t be used for other things. In life, we are constantly confronted with uncertainties, the majority of which concern individuals.

As a result, you can learn more about each new acquaintance’s criminal history by looking them up online. All you need is a service to assist you. We’ll go over what a background check is and how CocoFinder may assist you in resolving such issues.

CocoFinder is a platform for criminal records and background checks

When you want to verify whether someone is who they say they are, it used to be a hassle. The terrible will never disclose itself until you discover a way to get it, whether you’re chatting for the first time or have been chatting for a few days.

CocoFinder and other web-based services can help with this. It’s a website where you can find tips for searching people and their addresses. Running a background check to see past criminal records and other historical facts is one of the uses. The best place to look for criminal records on the internet.

When you visit the website, it works in the same way as your preferred search engine. The names, city, and state will be included in the input. Then, press the search button and wait for the results to show up.

Everything you’ll need to get the job done is there at your fingertips. We now have devices that connect us to the internet, and any of these devices can access the CocoFinder website. That means determining whether or not someone is a lawbreaker is rather straightforward.

What should you expect if you search for the person’s criminal history online?

What are the Components of a Criminal Record?

CocoFinder will provide you with all of the information you require, from the arrest through the sentencing, if the case has progressed that far. Here’s a sample of what you might find after conducting your search:

Arrests records: The arrests are the beginning of the criminal records. The police will handle the process of putting the person in jail, which includes filing a report. However, you should not take this seriously because not all arrests result in a conviction.

Mugshots: A mugshot is a photograph taken by the police after they have arrested someone. Booking photographs is another name for them. CocoFinder will also get this for you.

Court records: If the arrest resulted in a conviction, the court case files will be available. Everything from the accusation through the punishment will be included.

It’s also possible to look up police records by filtering by state. The search will be easier if you know the exact locations where the person has lived. If you don’t, you might have to deal with all of the states to get a complete picture.

Keep in mind that not all arrests result in a conviction, as extensive searches on CocoFinder might reveal. You might not find everything because criminal records can be removed in some situations, indicating that the case has been closed or the data has been destroyed.

What Else Is Shown in CocoFinder’s Background Check?

This platform will reveal more about a person’s past than just their criminal records. Depending on the current public records, the information could contain the following:

Personal data: This section contains the full name, any aliases, age, a photograph if available, and the date of birth.

Education: You’ll be able to observe where the individual received their education. The list will include all of the schools that have registered.

Employment history: This section details where the person has previously worked. Firms and companies, as well as the era if available, will be included in the data.

Reach information: A background check on a person will show how to contact them. The workplace address, home address, phone number, and email address are all included.

Relatives and acquaintances: The information in this category reveals who the person is related to. It can include family members, relatives, friends, business associates, and so on.

Social media: We have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media platforms, these days. CocoFinder can assist you in obtaining the information you require.

Why Do You Need to Use CocoFinder to Search for Criminal Records?

Finding out more about someone is simple in today’s world, but it’s also vital. CocoFinder functions similarly to a search engine, thus it is simple to use. However, there are important reasons to keep an eye out for criminal activity, including:

The Security of a Loved One

You’ve probably heard stories about distant relatives who were estranged for a long period. When they see each other after so many years, they never say much. Checking for criminal records can be a smart place to start to confirm that your sibling or relative is still the same old great buddy.

If your loved ones have pals you’d like to learn more about, you can also conduct a criminal background check.


Are you a landlord with a list of potential or existing tenants? Keeping an eye on the person will reveal more information about the type of person you’re working with. It’s also a secure method of ensuring the safety of your neighbors.


We encounter people we don’t know in the dating world, and there’s an urgent urge to discover more about them. A thorough background check will reveal whether or not the person is concealing something.

Personal information

People will conduct a background check on you when you meet new people or apply for a new job. You can run a background check to determine if you have any criminal history to be mindful of what they will notice.

That way, you’ll be aware of what information about you is publicly available.


Having the greatest site for looking up criminal records online changes the way you search for such information. CocoFinder is based on a big database that spans all fifty states in the United States.

As a result, it has to compete with the best websites that also provide criminal and other background checks. It’s easy to use, and all you’ll need is an internet connection to get started.

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