Effectiveness of Physiotherapy on Headaches

A busy schedule, poor diet, and improper stress management are some primary reasons for headaches. Apart from our hectic lifestyle some other reasons that cause headaches are dysfunction of neck muscles due to poor body posture, discomfort in the nerve roots of the upper neck, and chronic migraine.

When headaches occur most people just take a pill and get back to their daily routines. But it is very important to know that taking pills is not a wise decision as those pills are just temporary solutions, instead of curing they will just subdue your headache for some time. If not treated well headaches can cause severe problems in the future. So, what’s the best treatment for headaches? The answer is physiotherapy. So without wasting more time let’s jump into our main topic. 

Physiotherapy and Headache

Doctors earlier thought that abnormality in blood vessels in the brain is the main reason for headaches. But now many other reasons have emerged. Headaches are of two types- cervicogenic headache and tension-type headache and physiotherapy is the best way to give you permanent relief from these two headaches. 

Now we know that physiotherapy can help headachesbut how will you know whether you need physiotherapy or not? Well, here are some points to identify it.

  • Often waking up with severe headaches.
  • Headaches after sitting for a long time in front of your computer.
  • Feeling pain, stiffness, or soreness in the neck along with headaches.
  • Clenching of jaws or shoulders due to prolonged stress.

If most of the above-mentioned things are happening with you then you must consider having physiotherapy. 

How Physiotherapy Helps You with Headaches

As said earlier, headaches are of two types- cervicogenic headache and tension-type headache.

Tension-Type Headaches

Stress is the most common reason that causes tension-type headaches. Tension-type headaches will make you feel dull and there will be tightness either across your forehead, the sides, or the back of your head. In plain language, you will feel as if you are wearing a very tight headband which you are unable to remove. Tension-type headaches are often confused with migraines.  

Physiotherapy treatment for this type of headache mainly includes- 

  • Muscle relaxation for relaxing your muscles.
  • Manual therapy for loosening your muscles.
  • Soft tissue mobilization for optimizing your muscle functionality. 

Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are also known as secondary headache disorder. According to Medical News Today, this headache starts from the neck and back of the head and slowly reaches the front of the head due to which people confuse it with tension-type headaches or migraines. Physiotherapy generally treats cervicogenic headaches by correcting the neck problem. 

Physiotherapy treatment for cervicogenic headache mainly includes- 

  • Manual Therapy for improving neck function.
  • Posture correction exercises as bad postures are also one of the sole reasons for cervicogenic headaches.
  • Neck exercises for healing the neck and as the neck heals, the headache also disappears.


This is all about headaches, and how helpful physiotherapy can be for healing them. So when you are having severe headaches for prolonged times instead of taking pills contact a physiotherapist to deal with your headaches.

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