The Italian Celebrity, based in the US, Aurora Rosselli will be awarded at Med Photo Fest.


At least one time, everyone has heard the name of Aurora Rosselli and her brilliant career, but let’s take a step back to retrace the salient features of Aurora’s life that led her to enter the Olympus of the most successful and talented American celebrities

Aurora Rosselli was born in Italy, in the beautiful Sicily,. She studied and graduated in the Art field at the Accademia di Belle Arti, in Catania, where she understood that art would be a vital part of her whole life. But the decision to move to the United States of America was the real skyrocket of her professional life. 

Her pictorial studies and her unique talent have ensured that the most renowned exhibition centers noticed Aurora. She was invited to exhibit her works all around the USA, and during one of her exhibitions in Hollywood, she met the iconic Hugh Hefner, who wisely advised her to return to devoting herself to photography and not just painting. Following Hefner’s advice, she founded Eclisse Creazioni Art & Photography, but she didn’t stop there… She became a contributor for Vogue Italia and Cosmopolitan, an Instagram Star with her account but, above all, she became a TV Reality Celeb. Aurora took part in one of the most followed and loved TV Show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, establishing a special bond with Kim Kardashian and she also played a role in The Girl Next Door and was a guest star in other shows like Savage X Fenty, Hyperdrive, The Hills, MTV Movie & TV Awards, MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, So Cosmo, Life of Kylie, Mariah’s World, and much more. 

Not only that, Aurora photography pieces were displayed on Time Square billboards. They were an integral part of a digital exhibition at the Scope Miami and Louvre in Paris. 

This year will mark another considerable satisfaction for Aurora; in October, she will return to her Sicily for a traveling exhibition called “Acherontia”, at the Med Photo Fest. Aurora is working right now on the contents that will be displayed during the show, which will be in black and white, based on a series of self-portraits, which are named after the death hawk moths. A beautiful, romantic, and dark theme as Acherontia are nocturnal creatures attracted to light, which is the leading cause of their death. Despite the danger, the moths continue to push themselves towards the light that attracts them, demonstrating determination and faith, and Aurora is trying to apply this concept to her photographs. 

But an even greater satisfaction awaits her during the Med Photo Fest. Aurora Rosselli will receive the Mediterraneum Collection 2021 Award, awarded each year to one of the many authors who have donated some of their works to the Mediterraneum Collection photographic archive (to date over three hundred authors) aimed at creating a museum space dedicated to excellent author photography in the Sicilian territory. 

We can’t wait to admire the new creations that Aurora will prepare for the Med Photo Fest, and in the meantime, we admire the multifaceted artistic talent of this woman who was able to leave her comfort zone by letting herself be transported towards a unique and magical journey 

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