Romantic Date Ideas inspired by Movies

Rebecca (Romance/Thriller, 1940) - The first film to win the Master of Suspense his first and only Oscar - this slow burn Romantic Thriller takes its time to build up, sometimes making you question about the genre of the film itself. By the end, just like any of Hitchcock's films - the movie ends up in thrilling note.

There are tons of really great romantic date ideas inspired by the movie industry. These days, more and more singles are embracing the possibilities of online romance.

As soon as you’ve registered, you could begin browsing through seemingly limitless lists of potential partners, dropping flirty messages to whoever has caught your eye; and all from the comfort of home. What could be more convenient than signing up to a dating site aimed at putting you in touch with someone suitable for a naughty date? When you get to the stage of inviting a new partner out on a first date, why not take some inspiration from the world of romantic movies?

How to make date nights more fun

When you get together with someone you’ve developed a rapport with on a dating site, you’ll instantly be entering a world that’s very different from the virtual environment where you’ve already spent some time getting familiar with each other. To an extent, your inaugural liaison can have some undertones of a performance – until you get to know each other well and your behavior becomes far more intuitive, you will most likely be conscious of trying to impress, or say the right things. A key piece of advice is not to overthink things and try and relax in each other’s company. Don’t fixate on the outcome or the best ways to influence the other person’s impression of you. Just go with the flow. So rather than fixating on the fact you’re on a date, why not channel one of your favorite movie heroes, those cool guys who can make a success of any situation?!

Leave your worries behind before heading out for a date night

How about the actual movie experience? An evening spent at your local multiplex, or arthouse is a perfect way to leave your anxieties behind by escaping into imaginary universes. As you become absorbed in the film, snuggling together in the dark, exchanging the occasional whispered observation into each other’s ears, your date will become magical. Afterward, you can retire to a suitable venue – a coffee shop or bar – and discuss the most memorable scenes over some mouth-watering refreshments.

Date ideas inspired by movies

– Kate & Leopold – a rooftop dinner for two

Leopold (Hugh Jackman), a 19th-century New Yorker, has arrived in the modern age via a time tunnel, falling for Kate (Meg Ryan), and woos her during a rooftop dinner. The stunning city views, the violin music, timeless love … so romantic!

– Roman Holiday – riding a motorcycle and exploring the world

A princess (Audrey Hepburn) visits Rome incognito and meets a reporter (Gregory Peck). They explore the beautiful Italian capital by bike, getting into various scrapes along the way. Hepburn won an Academy Award for her endearing performance, surely a good omen if you feel like emulating this movie?

– Before Sunrise – discovering a new city

While traveling across Europe, an American, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) meets a gorgeous French girl Celine (Julie Delpy), and as they stop off in Vienna, they fall for each other against the backdrop of the scenic Austrian streets. You don’t have to go all the way to Central Europe, but visiting a new city or town can provide so many exciting conversation topics.

– 50 First Dates – a bonfire by the beach

Henry (Adam Sandler), a womanizer, falls for art teacher Lucy (Drew Barrymore), only to discover her amnesia causes her to forget all about each of their meetings. But in terms of attempting to stoke their romance, a nighttime bonfire on a sandy beach, while myriad stars are reflected on the ocean’s waves, would guarantee there is no danger of your date being forgotten about anytime soon! There’s something truly amorous about watching a loved one’s eyes lighting up with the reflection of flames. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine their internal passion being stoked to the same extent.

– Pretty Woman – take a bath together!

In one of the most iconic romantic Hollywood comedies, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a wealthy businessman, hires a call girl, Vivian (Julia Roberts), for an extended session, involving participating in social functions and acting as his ‘plus one’. As their extended ‘date’ develops, sparks of passion gradually evolve into something far more potent. Why not see how your relationship could benefit from mimicking one of the film’s memorable scenes – enjoy a bath together? Just immerse yourself in the hot water beneath layers of suds, candles set at strategic points around the room, with romantic music drifting from the Bluetooth speaker. Set the tone by opening a bottle of fizzy wine to sip from flutes. The most difficult aspect of this date will be deciding when to remove yourself from this fantastically chilled setting to clamber back onto the bathroom tiles!

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