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Hi, Miss Kristina Menissov. How Are You? Welcome To Ventsmagazine. 

Hello Vents magazine, always a pleasure chatting with you! 

You Are A Model, Actress And Opera Singer. Which One Would You Choose If You Had To Choose One And Why?

We can add there a pop singer, and that’s what I would choose if I only had to choose one. 

What’s Your Biggest Achievement In Your Career?

I think my biggest achievement in my modeling career is a shoot for the cover of Elle Arabia.

Why Do Most Models Not Make It?

Because they don’t treat it as a business. You should be able to invest in it a lot of time and energy without expecting immediate payback. 

Who Is The Most Overrated And Most Underrated Actress For You?

I think the most overrated actress is the Kristen Stuart.

All my friends say that the most underrated actress is me 🙂 

Why Did You Choose To Be An Opera Singer?

I used to play piano professionally, so classical background probably was the main reason to  choose singing Opera, I think in a future I will go back to singing it.

What’s Your Future Goal For 2021 And So On?

I want to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine and I am working on a couple songs that should be released this year, so stay tuned. 

Where Your Fans Can Connect You With?

Photo in red:

Photographer: Bob Delgadillo 

Dress: Aniko

Photo in Black 

Nelson Photo Images 

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