INTERVIEW: The Brown Goose

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Great thanks for asking, we’ve been on the road with our nose to that grind stone!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Runnin’ The Streets”?

It’s that hot new summer breakup song. Sometimes you’re faced with a choice between love and a career, no matter the outcome the grass always seems greener where you left it. You just have to find a way to get comfy in your new bed and make sure your choices weren’t made in vain. – Barry remembers walking up the steps to Mike’s house one day and hearing someone banging away at the piano playing a pretty nice little groove. Wondering who Mike had over jamming with him he then saw through the window it was actually Mike himself at the piano playing what we later made into the lead guitar riff Gio plays in Runnin’ the Streets.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not really one event but all of us have experienced this in one way or another over the years. This song is sort of about the conflicting priorities between living the road life of a musician and having a life of love at home. It’s a balancing act that doesn’t always go the way you’d hoped but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Your biggest hope in that situation is that you find comfort in your successes and hope to have made a lasting impression even after you’ve parted ways.

The single comes off your new album This Is The Way – what’s the story behind the title?

Sort of a long story but here we go: Our first album “Tails From the Mini-City” was written in our hometown while we were still more or less a strictly local band. This album we wrote while heavily touring all over the southeast. We sort of have equated the concept of touring in a band to the concept of being a band of pirates. On a few occasions some years ago we had the luck and pleasure of being able to borrow one of George Clinton’s tour vans which their production manager Dwayne Dungey referred to as the Millennium Falcon. We’re all huge Star Wars fans so when we got our own van we had to come up with a cool spaceship name for it. Someone noticed the van looked like an Orca and we named it The Blackfish. From then on we considered ourselves music pirates of the road, a band of brothers with a common goal and a drive that would never die. A couple years into touring Disney + released the Star Wars spin off The Mandalorian and we really identified with the main character’s creed “This is the Way”. We took it as a phrase of brotherhood and camaraderie, that we were all up for the challenges of long nights and long roads, uncomfortable motel beds and moldy showers, whatever it was going to take we were going to support each other through it. We play out that sentiment in the song “Creepin’ Steadily” speaking to our willingness to stick together and run headlong into the fray of career uncertainty. The short answer would be we love all things Star Wars and all things Pirate related. All hands on, let’s sail!

How was the recording and writing process?

We had a few of these songs sort of worked out and were playing them live for a few years before we landed our current member line up in late 2017. Once we had that lineup secured we were really able to fine tune those songs and began writing some more. In December 2018 we decided we were ready to cut an album and began pre-production and demo recording at our own studios. By late January 2019 we had pretty much the whole album recorded in demo form and scheduled time with Lee at Earthsound Recordings beginning in early February 2019. While in the studio with Lee we were able to fully realize our ideas into the songs that came out on the album, he helped us hone in on the tones we were looking for to give the songs the life and emotion we’d only dreamed of. We produced each other and hyped each other up during the recordings. Much of the multi-layered vocals were conceived on the spot in the vocal booth, often with a few of us in the room at a time silently going crazy with excitement behind whoever was singing their vocal part. One person would finish their part and almost immediately another of us would be running into the booth with an instant harmony, counter melody, or response to a call and lay it down. Lee was a beast at keeping up with all of that insanity.

What role does Florida play in your music?

FL plays a huge role in our music! We live in Tallahassee so we get the North FL experience with beautiful outdoor scenes mixed with all the stuff that can kill you like gators and venomous snakes lol. We’re practically in South GA so we’re in close proximity to Earthsound where a lot of great bands from our area had recorded before us. That being said, this album in particular is influenced by our location because we knew that we could get those warm organic tones with Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recordings in Valdosta, GA. Other than that we even sing about being in FL in our music, and there is a heavy nautical theme in this new album that revisit throughout the tracks.

What aspect of love and money did you get to explore on this record?

I don’t know that we directly explored the concept of money in any of these songs except maybe in the abstract. In ”Creepin’ Steadily” we sort of use the metaphor of sailing out into a Hurricane to equate how skeptical loved ones see a career in music being uncertain as to monetary success. That’s quite a reach but if you’re digging for meaning it’s in there for sure.

Love is all over the album, love of friendship, romantic love, love lost. ”Time Doesn’t Wait for Us (Hailey and Josh)” probably has the most beautiful depiction of love on the whole album. It was originally about a friend of ours, Hailey who tragically and suddenly lost her life in a car accident which devastated us and  so many of our friends. Part of the song depicts the funeral where her boyfriend is speaking about her. A few years later before we’d even finished the song, her boyfriend Josh also passed away suddenly and rocked our whole community again. It’s not quite Romeo and Julet but it doesn’t touch on the tragic beauty of love not just between two people but within a whole community.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Tragedies of breakups, and loss of loved ones played a huge role in the album for sure.

We also took from our experiences of the highs and lows of the road and our determination to win at all costs. The chip on our shoulder really comes out here and there all over the album as well. Being on the road you see so many places and people and at our level we do a lot of backroad traveling to small towns. You see the crumbling of small towns devastated by the loss of industry and workforce. In some places entire downtowns are boarded up as we drive through and it just looks like something out of “The Walking Dead”. You see that and wish you could change it, so you write about it.

Another was watching friends fall into the trap of addiction in the name of the never ending party. They become slaves to the idea of enhanced fun and end up nothing more than shells of their former selves. Zombies who can only find their sustenance in the draining of other people’s serotonin, a point where they’ve become nothing more than the embodiment of peer pressure.

What else is happening next in The Brown Goose’s world?

Summer Tour in Full swing, videos, opening for Mitchell Tenpenny and Darryl Worly, and many more, and starting to write the next album.

You can listen to This Is The Way in its entirety here:

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