LED Dimming

How does the LED dimming work?

LED lights can be dimmed, and this is one of the possible benefits of LED. LED lights might not work well with dimmers. You need to check whether the LED lights you are purchasing have a dimming design or not. It is observed that the majority of people do not like to purchase non-dimmable LED lights with dimmers as it can reduce the lifespan of lamps.

Reasons to dim your LED lights

There can be several reasons and benefits of dimming LED lights. Some of the most significant benefits of dimming LED lights are listed below.

  • It can help save energy to a 1:1. 
  • Dimming lights up to 50% can help save energy up to 50%.
  • Dimming LED lights can help increase the life of your electronics. 
  • Dimming LED lights can bring ambiance to the environment.
  • Dimming LED lights can help you make light according to your requirements and moods.
  • You can manage the lights depending upon your requirement and abilities to see in brightness and the visual needs of the people. 

These are some reasons that might make up your mind when you use LED lights. People should know about trailing edge dimming.

Do you want dimming power supply?

A standard dimmer power supply does not work as an LED light but it works to dim the light. The High-end Dimmable LED power supply is made of aluminum metal and it is waterproof. Its use can cut the power consumption by up to 80%. These are far from efficient lighting options and incandescent bulbs. It means it takes less power to generate the same amount of light.

The Dimmable LED power supply generates less heat that decreases the risk of fire while offering a high-degree of physical safety. It keeps your surrounding and property safe from electrical accidents.

Dimming of LED lights

It is a misconception that LEDs are dimmed because of a decrease in voltage. Voltage has nothing to do with the brightness and dimming of LED lights. LED lights have a semiconductor chip that is either off or on. The LED is supposed to maintain the operation on the maximum voltage, and the current level is the same during the whole operation of LED lights.

As voltage and current have nothing to do with the dimming o lights, certain systems can cause a dimming effect in LEDs. The two methods of creating a dimming effect in LEDs are pulse-width-modulation LED and analog dimming.

1.     Pulse-width-modulation LEDs

Pulse-width modulation of LED is a wireless program that is used to split the cycles of dimming lights in thousands of seconds or milliseconds. This is one of the most effective methods to dim the working of LEDs. In this strategy, only 10% of the energy is converted into light, and 90% of the cycle of LEDs is off. An LED that is dimmed up to 50% of the brightness the lights are turned on for the half of the cycle. To make the Led lights look brighter, the on cycles should be greater as compared to off cycles. The turning on and off of the LED makes the lights blinking. 

A dimmable led power supply can help dim LED lights. 

2.     Analog dimming

Analogue is another significant method by which we can dim an LED. In analog dimming, the analog that is supplying and forward current to the LEDs, the electronics of LED reduce the current so that it can dim the LED. This strategy of dimming LED is quite simple to use, and it increases the efficiency of LED lights. The dimming of LED lights can increase the lifespan of electronics, and that is how people can use electronics for a longer run.

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