Fashion Photographer Kevin Caicedo Mosquera is flying high in love

It is not easy to find your soul mate, one who cares for you, looks after you, and stands by you in your thick and thin. There are only a few lucky people who get a life with a true soul mate.

Our very photographer Kevin Caicedo Mosquera is one of the lucky ones who found the love of his life. The fantastic photographer who has won a lot of hearts with his photos on social media has given away his heart to someone special. Kevin is in a happy relationship with his boyfriend. The photographer is always seen embracing his sexuality in public, and currently is also doing the same.

“I feel blessed to have him in my life. My partner treats me with a lot of love and respect and that is all I want. I always long for a perfect relationship which has no lies and no harm to anyone’s dignity, and I finally got one”, said Kevin.

The fashion photographer believes it is all about the connection that you feel with someone if it is pure and strong nothing else matters. Kevin considers his partner is the most understanding and caring person. His partner loves him a lot and treats him with respect and dignity. The photographer believes that the relationship stands on four pillars trust, love, respect, and honesty and they have it all. Kevin is currently in a healthy and happy relationship.

On the work front, Kevin Caicedo Mosquera has worked as a fashion photographer and manager of the model Valery Altamar. Also, the photographer is working with some of the top brands for their marketing and advertising issues.

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