An interview with the Musician: Ravi

Ravi has returned to K-pop fans with a new album, ‘ROSES.’

It is not easy for an artist to approach fans with a new concept every time. But Ravi did this difficult job. As a singer, rapper, and head of GROOVL1N, Ravi expressed his satisfaction with the new album, which he prepared this time. This is an interview about the EP ‘ROSES’ with various famous collaboration artists.

Q: Please tell us a little about Ravi!

Ans: I’m a musician, nice to meet you.

Q: I was surprised at the variety of your music career you’ve shown so far! This year marks the 9th anniversary of your debut, and now you have shown a variety of music and performances as the head of a label. Is there a performance you would like to try or try in the future?

Ans: I want to be good at what I am doing now. I have a strong desire to grow by making my projects and GROOVL1N’s projects well.

Q: This time, you are back with the EP, “ROSES.” What were you trying to express through this album?

Ans: I wanted to create a sensual and distinct color sound. the color of the album. I wanted the sound to be unified and clear.

Q: From the color of the CARDIGAN music video to the fashion style, it’s trendy. Do you usually choose your stage costumes? Is there anything like Ravi’s fashion philosophy?

Ans: I think a lot with my stylist. I was thinking about the concept of the song and the music video. I usually like a variety of styles of clothes.

Q: If you were to compare your current mindset when you first started making music, what would be the most significant difference?

Ans: Now, my fans love and support me. I always want to present good music to them, and I have more specific goals, and the sound and appearance I want to create have become more detailed. We are working hard for them.

Q: What kind of steps will Ravi take in 10 years as a musician? Or what do you want?

Ans: I would like to be a musician who, people still looks forward to me to make good music and to show great energy on stage. I want to be an exuding musician. Concerts with fans and world tours. I want to be healthy and happy

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