5 Benefits of Bass Frequencies on Mindfulness & Meditation

For hundreds of years, scientists have studied the effects of sounds on the human body. Scientific studies show that high-frequency sounds can affect human brain activity positively. Likewise, holistic healers have recognized that sound frequencies can alter consciousness, which could be highly beneficial for mindfulness and meditation practices.

Of course, sound therapy has come a long way since its humble beginnings with drums and gongs. Today, you can find modernized sound frequency experiences that tap into the power of bass frequencies to promote a mindful state during unique music meditation classes.

What is Sound Healing?

The term “sound healing” has been growing in popularity as a way to capture the benefits of listening to sound frequencies. Sound meditation, sound healing, and audio-guided experiences can improve physical and emotional health. In short, the use of vibrations (sounds) can help relax your mind and body. These vibrations can ease symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, even physical pain.

While sound healing isn’t scientifically proven to heal anything, some studies do suggest it can be helpful for our overall well-being.

Benefits of Sound Frequencies

Sound frequencies can be incredibly impactful when combined with mindfulness and meditation practices. By intentionally incorporating inaudible vibrations, music, and sound frequencies, we can elevate the impact of these practices and reach for even more significant benefits.

Research has already demonstrated that sound healing can be incredibly beneficial. Some benefits of bass/sound frequencies include improved sleep, reducing chronic pain, lower cholesterol, and decreased risk of heart disease. Of course, people still need to seek professional help for these ailments; sound frequency therapy is meant to add to treatment.

1. Lower Stress Levels

Specific sound frequencies can alter brain and body activities to promote lower stress levels and trigger a self-healing immunological response. Listening to higher frequency sounds can reduce feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety. When these sound frequencies are combined with mindfulness exercises and meditation, the effects are amplified.

Combining frequency patterns can help alleviate negative thoughts, lowering depression, anxiety, and other mental health ailments.

2. Promotes Better Sleep

Sound therapy is a prevalent treatment to help with sleeping disorders. Low-frequency spaces can produce auditory distress, even without us recognizing the source. High-frequency white noise, similar to the one used in babies’ sleeping machines, provides a soothing and calming background that blocks lower frequency noises and promotes better sleeping patterns and sleep cycles.

3. Relieves Headaches

Beyond sound frequency experiences, music therapy is an excellent remedy for headaches. It can really reduce symptoms of chronic headaches for those who struggle with them. Overall, sound healing can help people control their pain better, which helps lower the number of migraines they struggle with and reduce physical pain in general.

4. Reduce Pain

Actively listening to music and high-frequency sounds can lower your perception of pain. Sound healing can be so effective. It’s often part of substance use disorder treatment as it can help people dependent on painkillers find more holistic and substance-free ways to manage pain levels. Some combinations of frequencies can promote the healing of injuries and provide long-term pain relief.

Specific frequencies are considered to be instrumental in the healing of physical wounds. They can help activate the body’s natural cellular regeneration process to self-heal in the event of an injury.

5. Promotes Spiritual Awakening

Many sound frequencies are associated with enlightenment and the activations of parts of the brain that deal with spirituality. Alongside mindfulness exercises and meditation, these sounds can deepen any spiritual practice. Because sound therapy requires that people become more aware of their well-being and spiritual self, this form of treatment promotes spiritual awareness, leading to increased happiness and gratitude.

Some frequencies are associated with a higher level of spiritual development, as they can promote better levels of mental and emotional clarity by activating the heart chakra.

What to Expect from Sound Healing Sessions

As always, every spiritual or alternative medicine experience will vary from person to person. In fact, some new things and effects may come up in different sessions. Overall, people feel relaxed and peaceful during each sound healing session. Some people experience visualizations, have a surge of creativity, or experience an emotional breakthrough.

Other people, particularly those with a meditation practice, often go to “their place.” This is a mental state in which people are neither awake nor asleep—many report feeling as if they’re floating through time and space.

Wrapping Up

Sound frequencies can help balance and clear the mind, leading to a renewed sense of well-being and calmness. When paired with mindfulness meditation and other emotional techniques, it can be a significant portion of someone’s overall wellness routine.

It’s almost like listening to an audio-guided meditation session on your phone, but with some invisible vibration power that boosts the experience. If you’re looking for a new healing experience, consider giving sound healing a try today.

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