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Victoria Caro – The Young Co-Choreographer of “Julie and the Phantoms” and “The Kissing Booth 2”

One of the secrets behind the successful Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms and the movie The Kissing Booth are the professional choreographers. One of whom is Victoria Caro, who first worked as a professional choreographer at the age of 16.

Victoria, or Tori as she is known to her friends,is an actress, dancer, and choreographer.  Besides being the assistant choreographer for The Kissing Booth and Julie and the Phantoms, she has helped choreograph such incredibly successful TV series as Riverdale, Motherland, Magician, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.Tori has also led her creative talents to movies such as Let it Snow, Barbie Princess Adventures, and a short film Daydream. It is her role of Kayla in Julie and the Phantoms that is creating quite the buzz since the show won big at the MTV Movie Awards. Not only is Tori so successful at her young age, but she also is a social media influencer with more than 187k followers on Instagram.   

Tori’s career has been on the rise since she was a toddler. At the age of 3, Tori Caro began attending dance classes. As a teenager, she began training at the Danceology Performing Arts where she studied Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and more. She won multiple competitions in both group and individual dance performances. Her big break in the industry came when she appeared in Sia’s music video ‘The Greatest’ which was her first-ever industrial project. Just last year she won the Radixcore Performer Winner award making her one of the go-to dancers and choreographers in the industry.

Tori Caro has worked with many great choreographers including renowned choreographer Paul Becker. In fact it was Paul who brought Tori on as his assistant proving that Tori had what it takes to make it as a professional choreographer. Their partnership began with a Toyota commercial when Tori was just 16 years old. Paul was the choreographer and Tori the dancer. From that collaboration a real partnership began that continues to this day. 

It started with a Sony project. Regarding the experience of this film, Tori shared the words: “On film day, Paul had a family emergency and asked me if there was any way I could cover for him. So I just followed all of the things Paul told me to do. I kept reading the director’s mind and thinking of what he would ask for. I made choreography patterns fit the frame better—and Paul was happy with it!”

After that, Tori co-choreographed many projects with Paul and when Julie and the Phantom began, Paul recommended Tori to the executive producer, Kenny Ortega. Not only did Tori assist in the choreography with Paul, but she was able to learn more about the everyday workings of filming a series. Tori explained her work experience saying: “I was able to help Kenny with all of his daily work, go through editing, and assist him and Paul with whatever they needed for directing. I was on set every single day. It was so cool standing behind the monitors looking at what the shot would be before lighting would come in. Then we would go in after everything was lit and it creates a whole different world.”

According to Tori, it was a golden opportunity for her to work alongside a legendary choreographer and producer like Kenny Ortega. Hopefully, there will be much more on the horizon for Victoria Caro, but for now, she is enjoying life in Los Angeles and whatever else comes her way.   

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