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SHANE PACE: Building an Elite You

Online fitness is something we’ve all heard of, and it’s more popular now than ever before. With so much of the world at a standstill, people everywhere have been left scrambling to find some semblance of a routine, something that we all know is hard to do when life as we know it has been altered so dramatically. Because of the global situation, this means that virtually everything has changed: meeting with friends, seeing family, going to work… even getting exercise. However, there are those select few which have seized the opportunity and are more than ready to help you find the path to fitness – all from the comfort of your own home and Shane Pace is one of them!

About Shane Pace

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Shane Pace is a powerhouse in the fitness world. He himself embarked on his fitness journey at the age of 12 years old when he started football. For him, football was the start of his career in fitness – a career that he excelled at from the very start. Shane’s contributions to football were so great that he went on to represent the state of Victoria in the championships, being awarded several medals over the course of his career. Now, he’s taken this expertise and has turned it into something that can help those who are at home more than ever before: as an online fitness coach, he has helped countless people achieve both health and the body of their dreams, and the numbers only continue to grow. He is the most renowned personal trainer in Melbourne, training elite athletes and celebrities.

BE ELIT3 – Shane’s Goals

As someone who has been so heavily immersed in the world of fitness for so long, it’s obvious that Shane knows what he’s doing. Today, he is one of the most sought-after online fitness coaches, and he makes it clear why: his mindset about fitness isn’t only about strength and power, but is about passion and determination – he’s here to encourage you in big ways. On top of that, he also knows the importance of fitness routines and goals that are catered to the individual; instead of focusing on trends and fad diets that won’t show lasting results, Shane emphasises the need of finding what is right for you.

With these goals in mind – and in practice! – Shane has garnered a whopping 1 million followers on his Instagram page, @be_elit3, and the numbers only continue to rise. His follower base is growing more and more each day, and the reason is that he is in this fitness world for the long run – and he’s determined to take you with him.

So… What are you waiting for? Follow Shane Pace on Instagram: @be_elit3 to learn more about the world of online fitness and just what you are capable of when following his coaching. Before you know it, you’ll be amongst the elite.

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