Nicolo Bennati, Committed to the People, Committed to the Future

Technology has been a topic of discussion since its inception. It was invented to benefit the people and add advancements to ease their lives. But since there was no restriction on its usage, it was exploited and misused to create destructive weapons. The creation of these deadly equipment tarnished the image of technology for the world. Since then, it has been in a negative light and is being perceived as an evil creation. This image has overshadowed its potential to revolutionize the world positively. Fortunately, people like Nicolo Bennati are acting as a saving grace for technology and are making efforts to portray its positive image to the world.

Nicolo Bennati is an emerging IT enthusiast who has been working in IT for years and has a clear understanding of technology and its goals. He is the CEO and owner of the IT company Iron Hack and is making noteworthy contributions to the field of Information Technology. Bennati was interested in computers and their working during his childhood days. He was often found studying and exploring computers, so it can be said that his career was chosen from his early days. But as he matured, he observed that people had labeled IT as the ‘demonic invention’ which only ruined lives. Bennati was convinced by the fact that IT was more than just a bad creation. It had made valuable contributions to the world, all of which were going in vain because of a few of its destructive creations.

Empowering Technology, Expanding Possibilities

It is observed that people who are passionate about their career, aware of their goals, and are driven to bring a change, often turn out to be the most successful ones. The reason behind their success is that they have a clear vision of their objectives and are ready to go to any extent to fulfill those objectives. Similar was the case with Nicolo Bennati; he was passionate about building a career in the field of IT, wanted to portray IT in a positive light, and wanted to make stupendous contributions to it. Nicolo was sorted with his plans in life and so began working towards it as soon as he could.

As Bennati was an IT geek, he knew exactly what the world needed and how he could make useful contributions to it. After much research and studies, he finally decided on starting his business on blockchain – the decentralized ledger. He joined “Iron Hack” in YYYY.

Blockchain is a relatively new and emerging sector of IT. To the world, blockchain is famous for its decentralized, organized, and perfectly distributed information storage system. But it looked from a bird’s eye view it can be effectively used to reduce the carbon footprint in the world. Blockchain is capable of holding each and every transaction of the world in a singular place. The best part about this technology is that it is transparent and can be accessed by concerned authorities in the world. If the people shift towards Blockchain completely, then it can be said with much confidence that the world will take a step towards a greener future. Being mindful of these benefits, Nicolo Bennati selected blockchain to work in.

Iron Hack, with Nicolo Bennati’s efforts has till date catered to companies like UX/UI Design, Coding Boot Camp, Coding Dojo, 4Geeks Academy, Google, Telefonica, and Visa. Being a professional at his job, Bennati has guided his company on the right path. He aims to hire the best talent who understands his perspective and can align their goals with his. Iron Hack has participated in multiple tech projects and has also won the Technological Contributions in 2019 for ‘Easy Transaction.’

As the world is moving towards digitalization, the need for paper currency is also reducing. The 28-year-old tech geek understands the dynamics of the market and is planning to expand towards the crypto currency. He believes that one should move and change with the trends, and so, he is aiming to learn more about the world of crypto and expand in the middle east. Nicolo’s plan to portray a positive image of the IT sector is already a success as he is tirelessly working through his IT firm to make valuable contributions to the world and its environment.

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