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Newcomer, Dillon Shamoun aka Shamoun, making waves with his newest release ‘Alone’

Shamoun (Dillon Shamoun) entered the music industry with a promising start. The DJ and music producer quickly gained recognition for his official remixes for Quavo, Frank Walker and TELYkast. He most recently remixed the song “Better” by TELYkast which has already received over 75,000 streams on Spotify alone. Shamoun’s newest release “Rise” is already on its way to being a huge hit.

Many have said that this young musician is on a short wave of beginners luck but the artist continues to break barriers in the music industry. We sat down with Shamoun to find out all the details about DJ’ing, producing music, Shamoun and his other experiences.

Read the full interview below:

“Hi Dillon, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us.”

DS: “No problem thanks for having me.”

“So let’s jump right into it. You have been releasing music under Shamoun for only a short period of time now and have already managed to work with some of the bigger names in the music industry. How’d you do it?”

DS: “It’s extremely important for a DJ to find their own personal sound. That’s what people will recognize your music by. Meeting people within the industry and building relationships is also crucial. I was lucky and got a jump start at this from the work I did with the music festivals.”

“Music festivals?”

DS: “Yes, I was a advisor in 16 different music festivals. I worked mostly on branding and booking talent for all 16 festivals. Developing the branding taught me the ins and outs of the music industry while booking talent allowed me to network with big name DJs and music producers.

“Which music festivals?”

DS: “Breakaway Music Festival, Prime Music Festival, Haunted Fest and Abroad Fest to name a few.”

“That’s incredible. Let’s talk more about Shamoun. How did you come up with that name?”

DS: “The name actually started as a joke in my family. I like to have a little fun every now and then. I would prank people for a laugh and then after getting caught I’d try to get out of it by saying it was not Dillon.”

“So the name just ended up sticking?”

DS: “Yeah the name stuck and it’s a cool name.”

“So do you produce a lot of your own music? Or are you more of a traditional DJ?”

DS: “I’d say I’m a mix of both but I definitely started my Shamoun brand with the intention of producing and releasing my own music. Nowadays, when people say “DJ” many actually mean music producer. The terms are used interchangeably because most people don’t know that traditional DJs usually did not produce their own music (unlike how current DJs do). When I play a live set I definitely do a balanced mix on my own music and other music.

“Tell us about your new song Rise”

DS: “I’ve been working on this song for a while. After doing remixes for artists like Quavo and TELYkast, I wanted to test the waters and release a song that I personally produced. The track is a mixture of the type of music people are currently listening to and my own personal sound.”

“The response to Rise has been amazing so far. For a up and coming artist, how does that make you feel?”

DS: “I’m so grateful for the response and support I’ve been getting. Not only for ‘Alone’ but for Shamoun in general. I think ‘Alone’ has already taken off because of my commitment to developing the perfect sound. I make sure everything is authentic to me and what I like but I also always make sure I’m releasing tracks with a sound that I know people are looking for.”

“So what’s next for Shamoun? Any exclusive news you’d like to share?”

DS: “Although I can’t say with who I do have several more remixes dropping soon. Many of them are with big mainstream musicians. I also plan on releasing my own EP eventually. I’ve been working on it for a while now.”

“Well after everything we’ve heard so far it’s safe to say we, and the rest of the music industry, are looking forward to it. Thanks for being here today.”

DS: “Thank you.”

‘Alone’ by Shamoun is now available on all streaming platforms. For booking or other business inquiries please contact Dillon Shamoun via email at [email protected]


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