How to Increase Yields when growing cannabis

The popularity of cannabis cultivation has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Not only do cannabis have high market value, but they are also quite easy to grow. In this post, we have brought to you some cost-efficient ways to increase the yields of cannabis. These tips will be helpful to you no matter which strain you are growing. However, the strain you are using will have a major impact on the yield and the final results. 

Before delving into the topic it is important to note that you must have basic knowledge of growing cannabis. Cannabis growers seek high yield strains or highest yielding strains which save their time as well as money.

Five tips to increase the yields of cannabis:

The intensity of the light

The very first tip is to improve the intensity of the light. This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to increase the yields of cannabis. Most of the growers want to increase the density, number and size of the buds. The best way to do so is to improve the light intensity.

If you don’t detect and major illness or problem with your cannabis then the biggest thing that is affecting the yield of your cannabis is light intensity. 

Light is the food for your plant. Plants through the process of photosynthesis turn light into energy. Thus more the intensity of light results in larger plants plus healthier buds which results in better yields. 

During the vegetable stage, if the cannabis plants don’t get proper light, the plant will stretch to seek light as a result there will be a lot of stem and fewer leaves. Thus enough light should be given to the cannabis especially during the early stages so that they grow dense and healthy.

Manipulation of plant structure

Another great way to improve the yield of the cannabis plant is to manipulate the plant structure so that every cannabis gets even lighting. Manipulation is a very simple way to improve the yield without investing in expensive nutrients. Manipulating the plant doesn’t mean cutting it, rather the idea is to manually force the plants to grow in a flat position. Manipulating involves bending the plant to prevent them from growing thin and tall. 

Getting the right nutrients for your cannabis 

Nutrients are very important for cannabis. Nutrients help the plant to grow into a healthier plant. However, most of the growers mix various nutrients without realising what the plant wants. As a grower of cannabis, you should be aware of signs that the plants are receiving excess nutrients. 

One of the most common signs that you might notice is the yellowing of the tip of leaves, it is called nutrient burn. 

Nutrients are very crucial for the growth of plants but providing too many nutrients will also cause problems. A good way to check if your cannabis is healthy or not is to observe its leaves. 

If they appear uniform and green without any spots or signs then there is nothing to worry about. It is a sign that your plants are healthy and will yield better. 

Keep adding compost to the soil at regular intervals to maintain the nutrient level of the soil. 

Keep a check on humidity and temperature

A healthy growing environment is crucial for the growth of any plant including cannabis. Cannabis doesn’t grow properly in very high or low temperatures. If the temperature is very high while the plant is in the flowering stage, the plants will not grow properly and buds will not grow fat. 

Maintaining the humidity and temperature at which cannabis is growing can enhance the smell of the buds during harvest. 

The right time to harvest

For the majority of the cannabis strains, there is a harvest window of around 2-3 weeks. If you will allow the buds to ripe only then you will maximise the yields. If the buds are harvested earlier than their harvest it will drastically reduce the yields of the plant. 

Another perk of waiting for the correct time to harvest is that one can even select the buds you want.

All of these tactics and tips will help to enhance the yields no matter which strain of marijuana you use. However, genetics play a very crucial role in the growth of the plant. If the genetics you are using are good then you will get a higher yield for sure.

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