How to choose glasses that go with your face shape

Have you ever tried a pair of glasses that you spotted on someone but you didn’t look as good as that person did? It happens. Just like you can’t pull off every outfit or haircut, certain frame styles look good on some people more than others. 

But this doesn’t mean that glasses aren’t your cup of tea. If you land the right pair, you will look nothing less than a celebrity. 

So, if you are in the market looking for a new pair of specs, shopping around your face shape will get you one step closer to the perfect frame. 

How to know your face shape?

There are so many different options in frame styles. It may be difficult to know where to begin with. So here goes a tip – Begin with your face shape. In case you are having difficulty pinpointing yours, let’s do some digging.

  • If your face is as long as it is wide, it is either round or square.
  • A round face shape has curves and a rounded chin whereas you’ll have a strong jawline, straight sidelines and prominent angles if it is square.
  • If the structure is more like a heart, your cheekbones will be full and wide (wider than any other part of your face).
  • If your face is shaped like a diamond, you have high and dramatic cheekbones that are wider than your hairline and forehead.
  • If the length is almost two times the width of your face, it is an oblong face shape.
  • An oval face has balanced proportions and the perfect mix of curves and angles. 

Now that you’ve figured out your face shape, now is the time to look for a brand new frame and get a new look. 

What glasses suit your face shape?

Square Shape

Since your face has sharp features, you may tone them down using round or circular glasses. They will lend a softer appeal to your face by taking attention away from the angles. 

Thin metallic frames designed in oval silhouette makes the perfect style for your work environment. But if you just want a cool and laid back style, try out retro glasses in a round style to get a cool vibe. Steer clear of square or rectangular frames though as they can ruin the balance.

Round Shape

Square glasses are perfect to make up for the roundness of your face. Try out angular frames that do not have much height on the lenses. Cat-eye frames with bold edges are perfect to give you a sharp look. 

Keep the frame shape sleek if you want to make your face appear longer. Chunky glasses cover your face and may make it look smaller than it is already is. 

Transparent glasses are perfect for a casual frame option for people with a round face shape. They lend a playful appearance to your personality and give a natural glow to your face.

Oblong Shape

Your visibly elongated face needs more depth than length. Frames with decorative temple arms will reduce the length of your face and add width. 

Rimless style glasses are also a good option for you as they don’t have a frame front. More detailing and work on the temple arms is what you should look for.


Reducing the apparent width of your cheekbones should be your aim. Any upswept style will get this job done. Where a cat-eye frame will give an illusion of width to your narrow forehead, a browline style will take eyes away from your broad cheekbones.

If you are going to wear your glasses to work, stick to professional styles in browline or wayfarers. If you are going for cat-eye, make sure the top rims are not so bold and dramatic.

Diamond Shape

Your face shape may be rare but not the frame styles that look flattering on you. Top-heavy styles will accentuate your narrow eye line and balance your symmetry. Upswept frames with more angular top rims and round lenses will emphasise the topmost part of your face and soften the appearance of your prominent cheekbones. 

To get a frame that works in both formal and casual settings, choose tortoiseshell glasses. They will go with everything from your suit & tie looks to denim overalls. 


Now comes the most perfect face shape of them all – oval. With your perfectly balanced features, you will rock in almost any frame style that you try. From geometric to cat-eye, no style will disappoint you.

But, beware of frames that are overtly round or circular. They might ruin the balance and throw off your entire look. 

If you are still finding it hard to land the perfect frame, use the 3D virtual mirror to find out which frame looks the best on your face.

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