Feel The Vibes Of Lil Stance Singles "Moving Blind" And “Don't Lie"

Feel The Vibes Of Lil Stance Singles “Moving Blind” And “Don’t Lie”

Everyone has their own sense of success and others can take the longest path to reach their goal and others can get there easily, with many supporters around them. It doesn’t take a second or a minute to be successful, but it is the effort that moves a noble person forward. The effort we put into what we do gives us the results we desire. It won’t all be as perfect as we would like it to be, but the hard work and effort we put into it allows us to better understand to keep moving forward and achieve memorable achievements.

If you don’t already know Lil Stance, you absolutely will. An artist passionate about his work, very humble, shows integrity, humility, honesty and very energetic. Lil Stance, a rapper from the Bronx, New York. The road he took was not always the best as he built his career. His melodic rap flow draws listeners to his music. A multi-talented rapper in rap, dance, songwriting, and also a YouTuber.

Being a man with such great musical talent, Lil Stance released “Don’t Lie” and “Moving Blind” ft. HULKSICKO! April 20, 2021. His style of music is inspired to create bangers for clubs and parties, songs that when you walk through the door you will start to dance moving your feet and shoulders.



As a YouTuber, Lil Stance launches a youtube show called “Lil Stance True Genius – Feel the Vibes of NYC”. The show is all about interviewing random people on the streets of New York City about New York City, what they like and dislike about New York City. According to Lil Stance, he’s planning to go to other cities in the United States or maybe even go further afield like other countries, not just the United States. If that happens, the show will be called “Lil Stance True Genius – Feel the vibes of …” regardless of what city I’m in.

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