Creator of “Hannah Montana” Scores a Pick-Up of Latest Buzzy Faith-Based Film from Premiere Entertainment

So, it’s a good day to be Richard Correll, that visionary creator of the uber-popular Hannah Montana franchise, per our rascally pals over at Variety. The man who gave Miley Cyrus a career-jump with that 2006-2011 pop culture sensation has even more reasons to trip the light fantastic and cut a really mean rug this week as it was announced that Premiere Entertainment has opted to acquire international rights to Correll’s latest lightning in a jar phenomenon, the faith-based flick The Girl Who Believes in Miracles. The acquisition comes on the heels of strong word of mouth and a healthy showing at U.S. box offices during Easter weekend.

 So, what is The Girl Who Believes in Miracles about and why exactly should you care? Glad you should pose that little question, Dear and Constant Reader: Correll’s latest film endeavor is about a young girl named Sara who becomes a media darling once her prayers for down on their luck townsfolk appear to actually work; faster than you can say “Hey, let’s have a Jimmy Swaggart telethon!” young Sara is booking out and praying up a storm. Naturally, there is a price to be had: The prayers, though they may actually produce miracles, winds up seriously depleting the youngster, putting her own life in jeopardy with every miracle granted.

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles was co-written and directed by Correll with scripter G.M. Mercier adding his own flourishes to the lovingly crafted story. Shot entirely in Oklahoma, the film stars Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino (The Mighty Aphrodite), Austyn Johnson (The Greatest Showman) and Peter Coyote (The Legend of Billie Jean).

Producer Kevin Waller said in a press release that “Coming off the heels of the success of our U.S. theatrical run and positive audience reception, we are excited to share the film with the rest of the world. Elias, Carlos and the rest of the Premiere team’s passion for the film gives us confidence that the film will be represented to the fullest.”

The “Elias” and “Carlos” name-drops in Waller’s above testimonial refer to Premiere Entertainment’s Vice President of Acquisitions Carlos Rincon and Premiere CEO Elias Axume (the latter helped negotiate the deal for The Girl Who Believes in Miracles).

Premiere is shooting for the stars (or should I say “The Heavens”? Waka! Waka!) with their acquisition of Correll’s latest opus, planning to introduce the film to international buyers during the Virtual Cannes Market via its faith-based moniker, Grace Films.

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