8 Flight Tips to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic

Well, no doubt drone footage is everywhere. But it is not easy for everyone to make a cinematic shoot. So that your project could stand up among others. Flying a drone can be hard. On one side you are trying your level best to get your shot with a particular flight time. 

However, on the other side, your battery light is blinking, the wind is blowing and every angle that you shoot seems to be a cinematic masterpiece. Moreover, here we are presenting some simple tips that will help you out to reach your goal. To simplify your flights and make your drone footage look like a cinematic masterpiece.

1. Avoid Jerky Movement

I have seen many people who jerk their camera left and right to get a perfect shot. But this thing is of no use. Editors need smooth movement. So, this thing is completely useless to them. They need drone shoots to be natural and organic. But jerky shots look like we are seeing through the eyes of a robot.

When you find your perfect shot then go for a nice and slow-coasting move. And if there is a need then You can go for subtle panning motions too. 

2. Let It Go

Have you ever tried to roll on the screen for a longer period? If not, then this is the time to try it. Because a drone shoot looks especially good when you do so. While taking a shot, there are so many things and information that we should represent and mention in our frame. However, the quick movement can never capture all this, it can be disorienting.

Try to take the shits that at least last longer than three seconds. Play carefully, play it safe and get coasting and long shots. Whenever you find a beautiful frame that is worth capturing, then just go into it.

Fly over it, until and unless it no longer holds its charm. Get its charm in your shot and frame it as beautifully as you can.

3. Fly Close to Natural Objects

While you are gliding through the sky, you pass through a bigger landscape such as rocks and trees. Do not skip the chance, try to get your drone close to that bigger landscape. But do it very safely and carefully. Because such things can be dangerous but you can do it safely if you do it with care. When you fly past them, then it will add beauty, depth, and motion to your coverage. 

4. Don’t Overuse It

We all know that drone shots are very beautiful and they are useful too. But because of this, many people overuse them. However, there are beat cinematic tools in the tool kit of filmmakers.

These are the ones that are used in moderations. There is no need to always capture drone movements. Only capture it when it is necessary. It will help you to get better results and cinematic films. 

5. Go Backward

We try too many things, shots, and angles to get a good shot and to make it perfect and more cinematic. But there is another way which many of you may not know. That is flying in the backward direction. Yes, flying in a backward direction is the best idea. This will change your shot completely. 

Even more, this trick will convert your shot from an establishment to a reveal shot. When your drone coasts in a reverse direction, it will help you to reveal the details of a shot. For example, buildings, hills, trees and even people too. And focusing on such different things is much better than focusing only on one thing. 

Well, no doubt flying in a backward direction can be difficult and dangerous too. But we have another trick to help you out, that is you can simply reverse your footage in post.

For this feature, you have to use a simple tool that is speed duration. All the editors are very well aware of this tool.  And it is simple for you too. It will enrich your footage, reveal your details in a better way. And help you to reach your desired goal that is cinematic footage. 

6. Add Sound Design

Whenever you go to post your drone footage try to add some sound effects. It will clear your footage and make clear what you see on the screen. In this way, you can immerse your audience to the fullest in the experience. Sound effects enhance the footage.

7. Speed It Up

Most consumer-level drones come across as a little slow on screen. If you want to see it in particular you can see it over a large-scale environment. Such as mountains and waterfronts. To give your footage a better look, you should go for the speeding up footage while posting. It will help you to add more movement to the frame.

We recommend ramping it up to 300 in the speed duration tool. This tool is easy to use and enhances the quality of your footage. Furthermore, it makes it attractive, better, and cinematic.

8. Apply the Vertigo Effect

The Vertigo effect is something that will completely enhance the view of your footage. It will enhance it and focus on the details in a better way. Many people do not know what the vertigo effect actually is. Because people feel it is difficult to apply the vertigo effect to their footage. Because it has a long process and many steps. But for those people who feel difficulty in vertigo effects, there are some simple tricks too. You can easily capture a film that will feel like a vertigo effect without actually applying it. 

What you have to do is to move your camera away from your subject while zooming in. Or you can also bring your camera close to your subject while zooming out. It seems easy while hearing it but in reality, it is very difficult to capture something in this way. 

But it is easy to create the effect while posting your clip with the help of some apps. For example, premiere pro or After effects. And there is no issue with the budget because these apps are certainly cheaper. However, there are not many zoom-capable cameras for drones. And those cameras which have this zoom in and out feature are so expensive and out of the purchase for many out there. But it is easy to do it digitally with apps. 

The most important thing to keep in your mind is the Safety 

The drone footage looks pretty good but it is dangerous enough to threaten someone’s life. You cannot stress enough how important it is to stay safe while operating these flying lawnmowers. Because drones are not toys, they are tools, which are very difficult to handle.

You should Learn the laws in your area before you think of launching your drone into the sky. The good operator will always be the person who obtains their drone at the end of the day, not the one who is on a ladder and trying to get his drone out of a tree.

Little carelessness can be harmful to your life. Nothing is more important than the safety of your life. So always fly carefully. Do not focus only on your footage and shits but always have a look at your safety too.

Learn the rules and laws in your area.   And when you become completely capable of doing it only then go for it.


In a nutshell, making drone footage is a big task. It needs knowledge, skills, and experience. Especially when you want cinematic footage. Drone footage should be buttery smooth. And this process takes time because it is not easy to elevate yourself to the level of best drone videographers and produce perfect smooth drone films. 

However, proper editing skills, knowledge of tools, and some special tricks can help you a lot. For example, vertigo effect, speeding up, sound effects. Or you can try to shoot in the backward direction too. 

Moreover, flying in the background direction and taking the shots is not an easy thing. But it becomes very easy with the proper knowledge of some tools and editing skills. All these tools are enough to make your film perfect and cinematic. This will give your audience a much better experience. 

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