Names and Facts Launches New Free People Directory Service

Have you ever heard about people directory services? Names and Facts is the right solution for those who want information on anyone – lost friends, coworkers, business partners, spouses, neighbors and relatives. With the help of Names and Facts, you can quickly find the person of interest and get a full detailed report consisting of emails, phone numbers, address and other important information. This innovative people directory website provides data where other organizations and institutions cannot. The service is available 24/7 and basic information on an individual’s whereabouts and family tree is completely free.

This innovative people directory contains access to a wide range of data from online profiles, photos, location history, personal details to asset and wealth of a person, criminal records, court records, social media accounts, family background, contact information and much more. Comprehensive information combined in one place makes it a unique directory service.

It’s never been easier to find information anyone, just:

  1. Search for a name
  2. Refine your results
  3. Get instant access to a report

Conventional methods of getting information on a person of interest have complications – information is often irrelevant and outdated, data is rarely shared between government sources, information is not readily available online for public use, records are often restricted to city and state of an event and most services require you to register or file a request in person.

What makes this people directory unique is connections to thousands of government archives across the whole country (civil archives, courts, prisons, community databases and many more), integrations with 3rd party data aggregation sources and data resellers, access to popular social media and dating site data, search bots running 24/7 to get any possible information on people deep from the web and all of the data is combined in one place and is available with a single registration.

Names and Facts – You give us names, we give you facts

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