Loki, M.O.D.O.K., And Marvel’s Ability To Make Us Accept Their Plans

As I write this, Loki has begun on Disney+. It’s pretty wild, but I am going to wait until I finish it before delving in too deep. Meanwhile, over on Hulu M.O.D.O.K. has his own show too. Marvel is a force in pop culture and entertainment. They’ve also been spinning gold from straw, so to speak, for a while. It’s already been said that Guardians of the Galaxy were basically unknown characters unless you loved Marvel comics when that first movie dropped. Now, they are huge. Since then, though we’ve gotten used to Marvel serving up previously obscure characters and turning them into known quantities.

Who could have managed Loki getting his own TV show? M.O.D.O.K. was basically a joke reference for comic fans for a lot of years. Now, though, we just accept what Marvel gives us. People are hyped for The Eternals. Well, I’m not, but people are. Shang-Chi is another character I didn’t really know, but he’s getting his own movie. Marvel is the star. We accept what they are giving us.

Marvel 616: el sorprendente mundo de los cómics – Asesino en series

Recently, I watched an episode of the Disney+ documentary series about Marvel called 616. One of those episodes was basically a comedic fake documentary about Paul Scheer trying to turn Brute Force into a new Disney+ show. Brute Force ran for four issues and is about cybernetic animals fighting crime. One of them is a dolphin. There is a lion that turns into a motorcycle. It’s insane.

That documentary noted that Marvel has had over 8,000 original characters. That’s nuts. It also makes you realize how many characters we haven’t seen, and probably will never see. And yet, they could probably take something like Brute Force and make people care. They made us care about Rocket Raccoon and Groot, after all. I’m watching a show about Loki and something called the TVA I had never heard of. Marvel is dipping deeper and deeper into their character bag, well past the Captain Americas and X-Men. And it’s working.

What I’m saying is that when Howard the Duck makes a comeback and gets his own show we’re going to just accept it and like a decade ago that would have been insane to say.

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