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Ultimate Dirt Tracks in United States

Below is the list of 17 best dirt tracks in United States. Please read to see if you live somehow close to any of them. If this is the case, take a day off your busy routine and go experience any one of them.

1.      Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Oklahoma

Hallett is a very small track that is been here for about 40 years. It is seen as one of the shortest tracks in this list, but it is highly practical, and has a lot of elevation changes in it none more pronounced than an up-down-up, left-right sequence that’s the official track given to track is “The B*tch.”

2.      Miller Motorsports Park, Utah

Other than skiing, this track is the only reason why must visit Utah, Miller Motorsports Park is the pet project of one of the late local dealership magnate-slash-Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller.

3.      Lime Rock Park, Connecticut

This is 1.5-mile-long track, tree lined course is fast enough to have experienced a few alterations and adjustments that can slow cars down since it has been opened in 1957. No matter what but it is still a must-drive for anyone living nearby in New England.

4.      Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama

Barber Motorsports Park is designed by the exact same guy that designed the Miller Motorsports Park, that we discussed earlier. Barber is perhaps the most perfect dust track here in the US. Fixing your car can be very cheap as compared to other tracks. Still, Barber is a must for any gear head.

5.      Sonoma Raceway, California

Sonoma Raceway is praised for years as Sears Point and briefly as Infineon Raceway, Sonoma is a meandering path in the middle of the wine country just in the north of San Francisco. It is a blend of rhythmic sweeping corners and its long straights are irresistible even to NASCAR, which makes its drivers turn left a bit every year.

6.      Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Ohio

Mid-Ohio is one of the America’s leading road courses ever since before most of America’s preeminent sports cars were even manufactured.

Long straights, fast sweeping turns, and tighter technical portions are the features that makes it the best.

7.      Willow Springs Raceway, California

Over more than 60 years later when the concrete was first poured down for Willow Springs for about an hour north of LA, Willow Springs continues a misleadingly complex track. It is uneven, it is strictly demanding, and if you are really not willing to push your car with your pedals, you can never truly be fast here on this track.

8.      Road America, Wisconsin

The only thing that you were looking for that beats the high speeds you will find that at Road America is the rich character of one of America’s most traditional road courses.

9.      Sebring International Raceway, Florida

It was starting just a few years after the end of WWII, this transformed airport has been one of the basic mainstays of international strength racing. This track is so challenging and so uneven that it has a reputation of a killer of the car, that makes it a sort of developing ground for teams preceding to the greatest challenges at Le Mans.

10. Watkins Glen International, New York

The spiritual home of Formula One that is in the United States has endured many adjustments over the passing time, that it has changed from a street course to a wide-open grand prix dust track. If you want a hallowed ground, racing where people like Sir Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark won is the best place to start from.

11. Road Atlanta, Georgia

Without any doubt, there are a lot of opportunities to go fast at Road Atlanta, but the real fun is in The Esses.

12. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana

Hands down the truth is that Indy has more history than any other dust track on this planet. Most of this history is on the renowned oval, even though, not the road course that is cutting through the center of the infield past man made lakes and a golf course. Still, it is a road course at Indy cutting through a golf course, and that is enough to make it to anyone’s bucket list.

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13. Virginia International Raceway, Virginia

You or any one you know around you might play golf, but Virginia International Raceway is fundamentally the country club where your boss’s boss used to play golf. In the longest alignment, more than two dozen turns are spread out in about four miles, that includes a tight right hander where an oak tree once used to stand. After 200 years, the tree fell last year, and it was so popular that they are working on duplicating it, so you can grow your own.

14. Circuit of The Americas, Texas

Circuit of The Americas was built mainly for Formula 1 but it is also backing events like concerts and the X Games, COTA is overshadowed by a very sharp four story climb to the top of turn one, which is followed by a long downwards meandering section. The track as a whole is great, and the amenities are among the best ones in the world but seeing the morning mist lift off of turn one is life-affirming.

15. Daytona International Speedway, Florida

Same as Indianapolis, Daytona is also known to be one of the general public more for its oval racing as compared to its road course, but its 24 Hours of Daytona is one of the world’s finest strength races.

It is where the GT40s started in earnest their legendary assault on Ferrari. It is where someone like Paul Newman found himself drawn again and again. The braking zone from the high speed oval down into the first corner has caught more than a few drivers off guard over the years.

16. Thunder hill Raceway Park, California

Thunder hill has just added a second course that draws into the first, and when they are both used at the same time side by side, the result is approximately five miles of promotion change, misleading turns, and blind corners all you have to adopt you know where the course will be as you push yourself toward that which you can not see. The only thing better than the layout is their annual 25 hours of race.

17. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, California

There are not a lot of tracks present in the world with a turn as amazing as The Corkscrew. Flat out up a hill over a long straight, that is followed by decelerating hard for a slow left hander as you are basically falling off a cliff? Off course, it has already been the scene of some great racing over the years.

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