The Best Alternatives To iMovie

We all love watching movies on platforms like OCEAN OF MOVIES, but did you know that you can also edit these movies and any video available on the internet through iMovie. How? Here is everything about iMovie and its alternatives.

iMovie is our favorite video editing program for Mac, and we’ve recommended it many times on this site. Most Apple devices come with iMovie pre-installed; it’s free and simple to use. Many people, from novice users to professional YouTubers, utilize it as a video editor. There is one little drawback to iMovie that it is not accessible on Windows.

No, there are no plans to offer iMovie on Windows, and there is currently no method to install iMovie on a Windows PC. So, if this is what you’re searching for, have a look at these 6 free video editors for Windows that are good iMovie replacements, regardless of your computer’s capabilities.

· Filmora

Filmora is a simple video editor for anyone who creates video content. You can easily get started with it whether you are a novice, an amateur, or a professional. It’s one of the greatest desktop/PC alternatives to iMovie, and it’s accessible for both Windows and macOS. It has a straightforward and appealing user interface. It may be used to express your creativity in a variety of ways.

· ShotCut

Shotcut is an open-source video editing program that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It, like Filmora, allows you to drag-and-drop files to open them, and it supports a broad range of file types. It has a user interface that is simple, clever, and well-designed.

You may modify your clips by dragging them to the timeline at the bottom of the interface, which is similar to Filmora. Shotcut’s standout feature is that it offers several totally configurable filters, but you can’t see them before using them. Although you may share your finished movie on social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook and Tamilyogi , there are no ready-made export profiles for different devices.

· Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is the program to use if you’re serious about post-production and want to master the art of color correction. After all, it’s the color grading program used in La La Land!

Resolve was created by Blackmagic Design and is both resourceful and resource-intensive. It’s probably not a good choice for complete novices, and you should only install it if you have a capable video card and hardware. If you do install this beast of an editor, you’ll get everything you need to make videos, including a kitchen sink.

· Avidemux

Another open-source video editing program is Avidemux, which is intended for easy video editing, filtering, and encoding operations. It’s free and open source, and it’s available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and BSD under the GNU GPL license. It supports a broad range of video formats, including AVI, DVD, and MPEG files. The UI is user-friendly, however if you’re new to video editing of tvshow4mobile, you could find the lack of a timeline with several tracks perplexing. Avidemux’s standout feature is its extensive export options, which give you complete control over how video and audio are encoded.

· ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 video editor, like Avidemux, is an open-source free iMovie replacement that allows you to quickly edit and combine films. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s the latest version of the popular Zwei-Stein Video Editor, and it includes easy video editing capabilities as well as 150 movie effects, such as color correction and green screen effects, to help you take your video to the next level. It can combine pictures, video, and audio data into one or more output files because it supports virtually all major video formats. It also allows you to divide video and audio recordings into sub-groups.

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