How Valuable is Favouritetable For Restaurateurs in The UK?

The restaurant industry has many different spheres to work upon, and service is one of them. Guest management is an essential part of restaurant staff. The more you please the guest, the more it will be beneficial for you in the long run. When talking about pleasing the guests, restaurants often think of improving manual labour for different tasks. However, if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will observe that the customer wants them to interact least with the staff. 

More staff signifies less privacy of the guest, and thus you need software that maintains the restaurant management with less and efficient staff. Favouritetable ensures that you manage your guests smartly with their in-built tools. All you need is to take a favouritetable subscription and get the most amazing feature and free demo. Some of the features that your customers would fall in love with and brings efficient guest management are:

Sitting according to assigned table number

When it concerns eating, people are typically sceptical of obtaining the correct table independently. Every visitor desires a table that is the best for the number of people and the dining establishment’s best location. However, it is not possible for every single person to browse through, so to make sure a table at the restaurant’s best location and the verified number of people can give them favouritetable.

Favouritetable will certainly allow your consumers to book tables on their own based on their choice.

Select food and also beverages from the menu and also review them

When you will certainly have the client on your table, they will search on the menu to get the most effective food and also drink alternatives. You can develop your tailored menu with favouriteTable and also materialize it to the visitor through the app.

When the guest makes an order, they can review their order before verification to prevent any mistake. Consumers can modify the orders if they want to include something or remove it.


As quickly as the guest validates their order, the app will ask to make payment. Repayment will be absorbed online mode, so guarantee you make your customers know about this plan.

Restaurants do not need to stress over the settlement. FavouriteTable does not manage your repayments. It just offers a protected settlement gateway. The whole repayment made by the customer will be transferred to the restaurant proprietor’s account.

Provide verification and also receipt

The clients will get an alert of the order confirmed. The app will certainly email the invoice to the very same account where the table appointment was made. As soon as the guest get this email of confirmation and also your invoice, they can relax and relax to obtain their meals on the table. Currently, they can enjoy the food.

Party bookings

Other than casual dining, if you plan a big event on any anniversary or birthday, you can book a restaurant for a party through favouritetable. The management tools for parties are different for restaurants, creating a beautiful scene to arrange a party. Customers can design their menus and pre-order to break the hassle. 

The bottom line

Dining establishments can have this app which will make it less complicated for consumers to get during dining. For parties, visitors can also pre-order. Such fantastic functions will improve your dining establishment management and will undoubtedly provide your guests with a very easy treatment for a table reservation and making payments.

Restaurants will have an available app to make things much easier for them. They can deal with repayments well, and organize work in a much better manner. Restaurants will have to pay once as there is no regular monthly registration policy. So, it is a one-time financial investment for the restaurants. If you are still mystified about the services of favouritetable, you can reserve a complimentary demo currently.

Learn more about the online restaurant reservation system by favouritetable.

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