Insights on Career Selection from University of Phoenix Social Media Manager Brandon Ethridge

One of the biggest challenges that many college-bound students and working adults face when making career choices is deciding which subject or area to major in and which courses and classes to focus on. With so many options available, it can be difficult to predict which career paths and courses will prove to be most beneficial down the road.

Understandably, before you can get what you want, you first have to define your goals. This was the topic of the final episode of “How Tomorrow Works,” a podcast series presented by University of Phoenix that explores what’s next in education, careers and the workforce.

To learn more about the shift to online education and how students can set themselves up for success, How Tomorrow Works host Dan Benjamin spoke with Brandon Ethridge, social media manager at University of Phoenix. Ethridge is also a former academic advisor with over a decade of coaching, counseling and mentorship experience. He is a proud University of Phoenix graduate, where he earned a Master in Psychology and a certificate in project management. Ethridge even found the time to earn his real estate license while working full-time.

Benjamin and Ethridge discussed how students can discover what they want to do with their careers, as well as how to stay motivated enough to actually make progress and how to avoid common pitfalls that arise when pursuing academic goals.

How Getting Lost Works

Don’t be afraid to change your program while looking for what you want to do in life. Too many people stick to a course once they start in a particular direction, but there is no harm in admitting to yourself that despite choosing a certain direction with the best of intentions, the path you’re on simply isn’t working out or what you thought it would be. In those cases, it’s okay to change direction to see how things pan out.

How Being Found Works

That’s how finding yourself works. You embark on a certain path and lose yourself along the way, but ultimately you can find a new direction that gives you the meaning, purpose and sense of achievement that you’re looking for. Take turns along the way and don’t be afraid to explore new avenues, meet with new people or dabble in new areas of learning. Turn and pivot until you are happy and comfortable with the new direction you have chosen for yourself.

How Online Learning Works

As the world moves toward online education, how do students adjust? They take classes, complete assignments and face a sometimes steep learning curve. Online learning gives students flexibility but also presents unique challenges when it comes to classwork and access. Give yourself time and be patient with yourself; getting your bearings before moving forward is important for success in the long term. Once you have adjusted and know how to navigate the sites for your classes, give yourself space and the mindset needed to come to terms with the fact that you are back in school. You have what it takes to graduate and succeed in the line of work that you selected.

How Brandon Works

The one excuse that Brandon dislikes is when people say that they don’t have time. Everyone has the same hours as everyone else. If you really want to achieve a goal or have an objective in mind, you can find the time to do what you must in order to have success. By not giving a career or personal goal the time it needs can be the equivalent of saying that the goal is not important enough to you. This can be a counterproductive mindset. All students can define their goals, break down career aspirations into achievable and actionable segments and make the time needed to progress – slowly but surely – toward what matters to them.

University of Phoenix Resources

University of Phoenix provides its students with a long list of rich resources to help them make the most of their higher education experience and beyond.

Career Services for Life helps students choose a career based on their interests and also provides resume writing and career plan services. Fixed tuition makes financial planning for college easy, and the inherent flexibility of University of Phoenix courses makes it easy to find the time needed to select courses and complete course requirements. Whether a first-time college student or an experienced professional looking to go back to school, our lifelong resources can give students the edge they need to succeed.

About University of Phoenix

Founder Dr. John Sperling noticed how the needs of the workplace were changing and traditional higher education wasn’t working for everyone. This Cambridge-educated professor understood that adult learners needed a way to earn a degree that was more flexible, if they wanted a better chance at a better job. Since 1976, University of Phoenix has focused on helping people enhance their lives through education.

The University’s innovative approach to education focuses on an adult learner population with an instructional framework that brings context-relevant training to the classroom. University of Phoenix invites you to learn more about its unique degree programs, certificates and professional development courses at

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