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Here’s The Ultimate Guide to Sabong Online in 2021

Sabong is a Philippine word that means cockfight. This sport is popular, and it involves two cocks fighting. It acts as a pastime, betting opportunity, and form of entertainment to many fans. Luckily the game is available over the internet, too, and one can watch and bet on the fights. The online version of sabong allows you to avoid ‘tupada,’ also known as illegal cockfighting. This game cultural, and therefore it has unique rules and regulations. This is the ultimate guide to online cockfighting.

How Does Sabong Work

Cockfighting happens in physical sports arenas and online too. The local governments regulate the games, and so you can wager knowing they are legal.

In online cockfight betting, the referee pits two cocks against each other. The cock handlers then survey the competition to find an able opponent amongst the competitors.

The cock handlers sometimes inspect and observe these cocks to determine which categories they can register them to fight in. The entries can be in terms of stance, size of the head, breeding, and plumage quality.

Once the handlers determine the pairing, the judges for the match take over. These judges are also known as “Kristos” because they spread their arms out like Christ when taking wagers. The judge uses hand signals to take and confirm the bets the players make.

Stages of Cockfighting Betting

These cockfights happen in many stages. The first being “Ulatan”, this first stage should influence your bets when you are wagering online. The handlers pair the cocks based on physical features such as wingspan. The handlers fairly pair the cocks and ensure they wear blades.

The second stage in online sabong betting is the ‘Ruweda.’ The breeders or owners stand in the ring while the referee explains the essential aspects of the game. The owners then hold the two cocks closely until they start pecking. The action signals the beginning of the match. It’s best to be keen to determine which cock is aggressive since this is valuable information when wagering online.

When betting, you have to choose between two cocks. One rooster is tipped to win while the other is considered the underdog. The former is also known as ‘llamado’ while the latter is ‘dejado.’ The two roosters influence the odds, such as wagering on the expected champion means you win fewer amounts while on the underdog means you get a significant amount.

What You Should Do When Placing Your Bet

For you to win in any sports betting, you must deal with real or factual data. The more informed you are, the higher your chances of winning that wager. Some of the facts that can help you in sabong betting include;

The tough versus the lame roosters

When there is a derby, strive to look for a match between superior breeder versus that cook that rarely wins. You can look for this data from the released schedule. Bet on such and win some cash.

Experience versus young roosters

If there is a fight between a seasoned cock and a young one, the latter will most likely win. Bet wisely.

Selective betting

Although these fights are captivating, don’t be tempted to wager on every fight. Research out of the many options and settle for a couple of fights. When you manage your bet, you increase your winning chances.

The online sabongis a popular sport that you can be on. Get to understand the game, its rules, odds, and be innovative in wagering to win some rewards.

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