Famous Greek Mythology Paintings

Greek Mythology paintings say a million words at a time. There is something rather mysterious and enigmatic about them. This is why art-collectors have always had a soft corner for myth artworks. Not only are they visually pleasing, but each one of them also depicts an interesting mythical story.

Here is a fun fact about Greek artwork; although most of them depict Greek gods, in reality, they emphasized the accomplishments of human beings. This is why even the gods were painted in human forms. These paintings become more valuable when you know the mythological narrative behind the depiction.

Even if you are not an art collector, a Greek mythology painting adds class to your residence. Get a painting of your desired size and hand it up in your living room to match the vibes. If you are looking for some of the most popular myth artworks, check out some of the paintings available at the 1st Art Gallery.  

What is Art?

Aesthetic ideas expressed in various ways become an art. It is often created by artists who want to communicate an idea, opinion, emotion, or story to the public. It can take the form of a painting, craftwork, or even cultural architecture. Artists create art to spread awareness about a social situation or even to reflect their views on the economic position.  

Pallas and the Centaur

This myth artwork is a beautiful portrayal of Centaur’s unrestrained obsession for women by Sandro Botticelli, made evident from his willing submission to Camilla when he is caught shooting his bow. The halberd in Camilla’s hand is a depiction of how she had taken Centaur prisoner. Botticelli chose to include the Titan god of war Pallas in the painting to give it more depth in perspective.   

Prometheus Bound

The illustrious Greek hero Prometheus can be seen wounded and bound to a rock in this celebrated painting. According to Mythology, this was a punishment handed down to Prometheus by Zeus for endowing man with fire.  You can get this painting in your desired size from the 1st Art Gallery for a reasonable price.

Perseus and Andromeda

This remarkable piece of myth artwork was crafted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1622. It is a depiction of a fully armed Perseus saving a petrified Andromeda who was tied to rock after defeating the sea monster. You can also spot two children trying to assist Perseus in his pursuit of heroic rescue. This painting is quite popular among art lovers for its details and portrayal.

The Lament for Icarus

The Lament for Icarus is a marvelous creation of Herbert James Draper that depicts classicism in English society. It is the depiction of Greek mythology where Icarus flies too close to the sun with his father’s wax-feather wings, defying  his father’s orders. In the painting, you can see the wax in the wings melting and Icarus drowning in the sea.                                                                                                        

Pygmalion and Galatea

According to Greek Mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with an ivory statue that he sculpted. After he made an offering to Aphrodite for a bride like her, he went home and kissed his sculpture. Myth has it that she came to life and kissed him back, and this first kiss has been represented in the painting. This brilliant myth artwork done by Jean Leon Jerome is available in every size to fit your needs at the 1st Art Gallery.

The Birth of Venus

This is one of the most famous artworks of Botticelli, and is one of his best-selling paintings as well. While it is merely a picturesque illustration of Venus rising from the sea on a seashell, the details and the characters around make it a breathtaking masterpiece. You can see how the Gods and the Goddesses carry her ashore, and it has been depicted in quite an elegant manner.

The Abduction of Psyche 

A better depiction of Cupid and Psyche ascending to heaven cannot be found. William Adolphe Bouguereau has done an appealing job with the myth artwork that has caught the attention of every art-collector. It is also a pictorial representation of the book ‘The Abduction of Psyche’ and you can get a quality reproduction to adorn your abode.

Apollo and Daphne

The famous painting depicts the mythology where Eros, angered by Apollo’s mockery, fired two arrows at him to cast him under a spell of love. The gloriously beautiful daughter of river god immediately attracted the God of light Apollo who promised to love her forever. The legend has it that Daphne consistently rejected his advances and finally asked the River God to free her from Apollo.


Your art collection is incomplete without a painting narrating a mythical story to its admirers. This is why you need the finest of the Greek mythological paintings you can get. When you don’t know where to go to get a Greek mythology painting, all you have to do is check out the myth artwork on First Art Gallery. If you want to see more of these, you can always head to the website and grab the best deal.

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