Duplex House: The Guide to Turn Your Dream Home into Reality

The house of your dreams is not that far away anymore. You can now either look for a property competent enough to suit your dream house, or you can invest in building one! 

Duplex houses, often put under the umbrella of dual occupancy homes because both share a wall and lie in the limit of one plot of land, have been favored as the ideal dream homes. It is because of the vast expanse of space, privacy, aesthetic and relatively affordable prices. 

Whether you choose to buy or build, specific criteria should be followed while searching for your dream home:-

The Personal Checklist

Of course, it is the house that you might have probably thought about a million times and had ardently desired for it to come true. Along with making savings for the future home, you might also have some expectations. So, while hunting down lands or houses, keep this checklist of your expectations.

Need vs Wants

There should be two columns in your checklist that suffice the needs and the wants. The ‘needs’ comprise unavoidable necessities, while the ‘wants’ are your expectations for the new house. While the needs cannot be compromised, the wants in some situations have to be adjusted if the majority is of your desire. This checklist is to help you be organized.

The need could be the expanse of the plot you require, the basic facilities around the place of the land, or the site’s climate. The wants might be the structure of the house, architectural designs and the nearness to nearby markets. 

The Other Factors

The area of choice where the land is to be brought or where the duplex is undoubtedly depends on you. You may want an area with many houses on both sides of the street or more of a secluded space with green trees surrounding the plot. You may like the proximity to dispensaries or hospitals or grocery markets or schools and institutions. You may want a larger plot or a comparatively moderate one.

Also, see to it that there are other basic facilities available.

While looking for houses, you may carry the designs that you have possibly looked up to on the internet or in a magazine. Create a  checklist where you have jotted down all the ideas you have brainstormed. Like, the kitchen design or the bedroom festooning.

It would be a lot better to keep track of what you do not desire to be equipped or added to your dream house. In this way, you will be acknowledged for at least what you do not like so that even if your needs and wants do not match the criteria, your ‘do not’ list might fill the void.

The Internal Investment

Now, if rather than looking for a ready-made home or building on a separate newly bought plot, you choose to turn your existing asset into a duplex, and then the pointers might differ a bit.

The area of choice cannot be changed, and the plot remains the same. So, building a dual occupancy like a separate duplicate of the house side-by-side sharing a common wall, should be considered only after analyzing the land left. While crafting such occupancy, another factor is having a distinct entry-exit and availability of other necessities like kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom on the other side.

To add a floor, the house’s foundation should be meticulously tested to ensure that a strong foundation has been laid and can take the load of an added layer.

Additionally, it calls for heavy construction work in both cases, and you should probably hire a professional to guide you economically. You may present your requirements of design too to incorporate.

Although contacts of kin while rummaging for properties might help, specific online sites provide brokerage for buying properties. Some of them are 99Acres, Magic Bricks, and Sulekha Properties. You may choose to review their ratings and then opt for a trustworthy broker.

Also, there might be tax changes and other community guidelines regarding the building of houses. Before proceeding with any building procedure, kindly do thorough research on all the rules and regulations to avoid legal actions.

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