Benefits of Organic Bug Spray

As consumers grow to be more conscious of what they use, organic products have increased in popularity. There is no doubt that these products are made with a higher quality of ingredients, but many are hesitant to change because what they have is “working”, but what damage do they cause at work? Is the switch to organic worth spending a little extra?

The Smell

Deet and other chemicals used in traditional bug repellents come with a pungent smell that we are all familiar with. After years of smelling the chemicals on your skin, wouldn’t essential oils be a pleasant change? Organic bug sprays come with a natural, pleasant fragrance that is more likely to leave you smelling like a garden than a vat of unpronounceable ingredients. Try an organic spray like this and you will quickly see the difference in odor.

The WHOLE Family

What could be the problem with using bug sprays on your family if it’s been done for years? Nothing when done under their regulations, but there is a reason that you should limit the number of applications, use in a well-ventilated area, and wash as soon as possible. Why go through all this and risk potential side effects that are being investigated when you can use completely safe ingredients to accomplish the same goal? Mixtures of citronella, neem oil, and other organic substances that are as clean as your conscious will be. Not to mention, pets need bug spray too, and organic bug spray is ideal for safely protecting your pups and other fur friends (some animals are too sensitive to the oils, so check with your vet before applying to other species).

Stay Protected

Remember the mention of “one application per day”? That’s because your body should not absorb any more traditional bug spray than the amount you receive the first time, and that should be a warning sign. Different places have already started to push for DEET bans and restrictions of the products containing different chemicals, and for good reason. Organic bug repellents can be reapplied as often as needed without consequence, as long as you have no reaction with the natural ingredients, letting you enjoy the outdoors longer.


Chemicals such as DEET are being closely monitored due to the potential risk of seizures and other medical issues, so why subject your family to unnecessary hazards? Organic skin protection offers a more pleasant fragrance that can be applied when needed without worry. These products are a much better solution for clean-conscious outdoor fun!

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