Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

There are approximately 5 billion active internet users in the world today. In fact, internet users have doubled in the past ten years. As expected, this drastic shift towards the digital age has significantly impacted how people shop. 

 Along with popularity, the internet has also gained credibility. Shoppers search for online resources on products they want to purchase and the businesses selling them. Therefore, how companies present themselves and how they market their products has –rightfully– changed. Contrary to conventional marketing, modern advertising takes place in the realm of the online world. Hence, companies have had to adapt, but many are still indecisive.

If you’re from the latter group, this post is for you! So follow along and see why and how dabbling into digital marketing will prove fruitful for your business. 

What is Digital Marketing

You must have come across at least one advertisement for a local digital marketing agency. These ads can be very confusing if you do not precisely know what digital marketing is. 

Simply put, digital marketing is any promotional activity for your brand online. For instance, email newsletters, social media marketing and blog writing are examples of digital marketing techniques. Similarly, you can also include online assets -such as websites, icons and logos- in digital marketing. 

The aim of digital marketing is twofold. Firstly, its target is to retain current customers by developing an interactive bond with them. Secondly, it aims to appeal to new customers by informing them about the business and its products. 

How Does Digital Marketing Help Your Business

Maintaining an online presence lends your brand credibility. For instance, online reviews inform shoppers about your product quality and overall service. If reviews are positive, more people are encouraged to purchase from your brand. On the other hand, even one negative review can negate shoppers from buying from you. 

Moreover, many review platforms -such as Yelp- only allow legitimate, verified businesses to be on the site. Hence, gaining a page on such platforms reassures shoppers that the company is legitimate and not fraudulent. 

Secondly, digital marketing increases your brand’s visibility online. Even when customers leave reviews, they usually use keywords relevant to your brand and its products. Search engine bots notice these keywords and compile them into an index. So, the algorithms are likely to rank your brand’s website higher in search results when a potential shopper searches the keywords. This process is called search engine optimization, and digital marketing revolves around it.

How Can You Utilise Digital Marketing

Of course, you can implement digital marketing strategies yourself. However, the mechanisms can be daunting and overwhelming if you are not familiar with digital marketing. Hence, we recommend that you hire a digital marketing professional if your brand’s budget allows. 

These professionals are well-versed in their field with years of experience. So, they know just what to do to turn your business around. For instance, a professional may email weekly or monthly newsletters, create social media content and write blog posts.

Is Digital Marketing Worth the Hype

Yes, it is! 

Digital marketing firms are indeed expensive, but their services justify the cost. They have certified professionals with hands-on experience aimed explicitly at benefitting your business. After all, the money you invest in digital marketing today is equivalent to new customers gained in the future. And this alone can impact your brand’s bottom line significantly! 

Hence, it is in your brand’s best interest to invest in digital marketing today!

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