Types of Serious Injuries in Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause injury to any part of the body. Some car accident injuries can get better in just a few days and not require any medical treatment. Some injuries are more serious and can become permanent and result in physical disability. The severity and type of injuries that are suffered in a car accident for both drivers and passengers depend on many different factors. Some of these factors include the use of seatbelts, where the person’s car gets hit from, if the occupant was facing straight ahead in the seat or turned a certain way, if the car had airbags, and if it was a high speed or low speed collision

There are two main types of injuries caused by car accidents: penetrating and impact injuries. Penetrating injuries are usually just scrapes and cuts. Loose objects or shattering glass can cause penetrating injuries. Impact injuries are when a body part hits some part of the interior part of the vehicle. This can be the head hitting the side window or the head rest, or the knee hitting the steering wheel. When injured in a car accident, you need to consider your legal options

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Car accidents are the number one cause of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI happens when the brain is damaged by a piercing injury or blow to the head. Every year, 50,000 people die from this type of injury and another 90,000 suffer disabilities from it. 

Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injuries

The impact of a crash on the body can cause spinal cord injuries and long-term disability. Spinal cord injuries can be so severe they result in total paralysis or partial paralysis below the level of the injury. 

Back Injuries

The spine and human body aren’t designed to sustain heavy impact and because of this, back injuries are common when someone is in a car accident. Back injuries might be delayed showing up after an accident. The pain from a back injury can be serious and long lasting. 


Burns can be a serious injury caused by a car accident if a vehicle catches fire and the skin comes in contact with steam, chemicals, or hot surfaces. Very severe burns may require skin grafting and surgery. 

Internal Injuries

Car accidents can cause the body to be hit by flying debris, which cause damage to internal organs. Internal bleeding can require emergency medical treatment. 

Broken Bones and Fractures

Broken bones are common in accidents. Depending on which bone is broken, injuries can be severe. Some simple breaks may just require a cast, but more compound fractures or serious breaks can require surgery. 

Facial Injuries and Scars

Facial injuries in car accidents can be caused by impact with the windshield, dashboard, car seat, side window, or any surface. Broken glass may also cause some serious injuries. Disfigurement from these facial injuries may require multiple surgeries and leave victims with scars. 


Legs, fingers, toes, arms, or other appendages can be severed in a crash or damaged enough that they require surgical amputation. This type of injury can be permanently debilitating. 

Whiplash and Other Neck Injuries

Whiplash is one of the more common injuries from a car accident and it’s the name for ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries, such as neck pain after the soft tissue gets injured. Whiplash can happen with speeds as low as 15 mph and can be caused whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt. Cervical dislocation and severe disk injury can also happen because of a car accident. 

Knee Injuries

It’s easy to have knee injuries in a car accident by having them smash into any part of the vehicle. Wounds can range from just some bruising to multiple fractures. The cartilage in the knee or the meniscus can tear if the knee is turned or twisted abruptly in the accident. 

Ankle and Feet Injuries

Ankle, foot, and toe sprains, strains, and fractures are common injuries. Some can be severe, and toes and feet can be severed during an accident. 

Shoulder Injuries

A shoulder injury resulting from a car crash happens from force absorption after bracing the hands against the dashboard or the steering wheel. The shoulder is locked in a position, and this means it gets excessive force from the impact of the crash. 

Hand and Wrist Injuries

Broken wrists are common in car accidents from either banging on an interior portion of the car or some other impact. Broken wrists and other hand injuries can mean surgery, depending on how bad the fracture is. 

Road Rash

Torn sheet metal, flying objects, and broken glass can cause a number of lacerations and road rash. Bruises are caused by impact against an object. Road rash is caused by the friction of skidding or being dragged across concrete or pavement, which can happen if a victim is thrown from the vehicle due to a collision. 

Crush Injuries

A crush injury can happen on any part of the body that is caught by two objects and pushed together. Lacerations and minor bruising can happen, but it can also result in serious damages to bones, muscles, and organs. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries, such as strains, or damage to ligaments, tendons, or muscles are common and can be long lasting and painful. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Not every injury is going to be physical. Mental and emotional injuries also happen because of a car accident. Things that used to be routine, such as driving a car, could become worrisome or even impossible after an accident, resulting in emotional suffering. 


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