Tarot Guide for Self-Help: the EXSTATICA Tarot

Many are using the Tarot, for self-help and personal development. Tarot cards are a doorway into our unconscious, and a valuable tool to better understand what matters to us. Illustrious personalities who knew the transformative power of the Tarot include Carl Jung, Aleister Crowley, and many more. From psychologists to occultists, and anything in between, the Tarot is familiar to many.

The Tarot guide “EXSTATICA” brings a fresh perspective to the  use of the Tarot for Self-Help. It uses the Mantegna Tarot to guide us through this journey. Its 50 drawings were made during the Renaissance in Italy, and with the passing of time, they became tarot cards.   It presents Four Spheres: Meaning, Cognition, Emotion, Behavior. When these spheres are in harmony, our life blossoms. If they are out of balance, our life suffers as well. In EXSTATICA, the Sphere of Behavior includes the first ten cards of the Mantegna Tarot. The cards from 11 to 20, belong to the Sphere of Emotion. The Sphere of Cognition includes the cards from 21 to 30. The outer Sphere of Meaning includes the cards from 31 to 50.

It is often said not to judge a book by its cover. But for practical reasons,  that’s what we often do, while browsing new books dedicated to our favorite topics. It means the message conveyed by a book cover is among its strongest. EXSTATICA’s cover shows a detail from the Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli. This iconic face summarizes years of Renaissance philosophy and wisdom. EXSTATICA includes a few other visual inspirations, like the fivefold Flower of Venus. A painting from Francesco del Cossa. And the 50 Mantegna Tarot cards, placed and spaced to be cut and used as a deck.

This Tarot guide for self-help and personal development, has already been featured on leading magazines for meaningful living. EXSTATICA can also be practiced with the Visconti Sforza Tarot, Sola Busca Tarot, Tarot of Marseille, Rider-Waite Tarot, Thoth Tarot, and other major Tarot decks. EXSTATICA has been authored by Shanti and Frank Ra. It is available at independent bookstores and online.

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