“Lost” Co-Creator J.J. Abrams Tackles the UFO Phenomenon in Upcoming Four Part Showtime Docuseries

Are we alone in the universe, or are we being visited by aliens from across the cosmos or interdimensional time and space? This is not as lighthearted of a question as it may seem at first blush: When I was twelve years old, I witnessed something which to this day I’m at a loss to adequately explain away into the realm of swamp gas, weather balloons and explainable aerial phenomenon such as shooting stars. It was nighttime and I was encamped on my parent’s sundeck outside our home in Rome, New York when, with nary a sound, a fast moving object the size of a football field passed overhead before vanishing behind a series of distant trees. If I cast my mind’s eye back to that long ago evening, I can still see it: This huge and silent object was festooned with a multitude of lights: Green, red, blue, orange and yellow. And what I saw was obviously the undercarriage of the shape; as brief as the sighting was, I could quickly ascertain a complex intricacy with the bottom of that craft that a simple airplane or weather balloon then and now would not possess. It was…weird. It also, as brief as my sighting was, officially confirmed me from that day on as a full-fledged card-carrying member of the pro-UFO crowd. Over the years I’ve read scores of books and tuned into dozens of documentaries all dealing with the possibility of our planet being visited for many years by flying saucers. Long before Fox Mulder hung out his “I Want to Believe” shingle in The X-Files, I was already a full-on subscriber to this bizarre phenomenon. And guess what? So is writer-director J.J. Abrams who, according to our pals over at Bloody Disgusting News, has a special project lined up for those of us with a sweet tooth for this kind of stuff…

 On August 8, Showtime will feature a four part docuseries produced by J.J. Abrams entitled – appropriately enough – UFO. According to the official press release “The series will look at what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas.”

Splitting up directing duties on this deep-dive into the UFO mythos will be Mark Monroe of Icarus fame and his cohort Paul Crowder who made a splash with Riding Giants.

 The field of UFO’s is a tangled and convoluted one, obscured over the years by many-a dubious person and one frustrating to science: The phenomena seems to have tentacles threaded throughout many of the unexplained events on our planet, from ghosts to cryptids all the way deep into organized religions and various and sundry folktales. Perhaps J.J. Abrams should look at doing a follow-up series in the name of thoroughness?

Until next time Dear and Constant Readers, keep watching the skies and be sure to check out Showtime this August 8 for UFO!

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