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So you finally come and want to see how to find work in Korea. Everyone might profit from some additional cash in their pocket, whether you’re here as a student or on a business getaway. Having said that, it may be difficult to know exactly where to begin or what occupations you find as an alien land.

A few things to bear in mind before you start the search for 호빠:

Know which jobs for your kind of visa are possible/prohibited.

There are various limits on certain visas, such as student or holiday visas. For example, you must purchase a separate visa or apply to work as a language instructor or entertainment-related companies. See this official Korea visa website for further information.

Know how much you can work for hours.

Again, the amount of hours you may work depends on your visa. Students or working holiday visas are generally allowed to work no more than 25 hours a week.

Know the minimum wage

In Korea, the minimum salary is 8,590 KRW by 2020. It’s crucial to know how much you should pay to prevent being exploited, particularly when seeking jobs on Craigslist or on Facebook, which are targeted at foreigners.

What jobs are for you in Korea to expect?

Finding employment opportunities is not an issue in a global metropolis like Seoul. In reality, you may discover an unlimited number of shops, shops, restaurants, and cafés on most streets. That being stated, it might depend much on your ability to speak Korean to decide in which field to work. Although it is certainly not a prerequisite, understanding Korean at least at an intermediate level can considerably boost your chances of getting a job. Simply put, why should anybody hire a Korean foreigner?

However, my Korean speakers are not afraid of it for non or basics. Although it’s less likely to obtain a job, it is not tiny. I strongly urge that you limit your search to places extremely inundated with visitors for individuals who do not speak Korean. Areas like Itaewon, Hongdae and Myeongdong, Gangnam, and many more, for example. These locations are also frequent residences for foreigners residing in Seoul and are not just full of visitors. These are regions in particular where foreigners are able to speak different languages.

Korea’s popular part-time job

Here are some of Korea’s best known and most popular part-time jobs:

Kitchenware in the bar or club, Barista or Cafe related occupations, convenient shop employees, fast food personnel, Kitchen assistance, cook, Cleaner, Clothing shop staff, translator, etc. Host/Server/bar (호스트바) attendant in the bar or club.

All these part-time employments are all right for any tourist visa requirements.


Hence this post covers all the information you need to start your career in Korea. We know that whether you visit Korea for some business terms or even for higher education, getting your hands on some extra cash never goes to waste. If you have any more questions, please visit the 호빠알바 for more information.

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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