What Challenge Superstar KJ Had To Overcome To Grow His Career As An Artist

Becoming a hit music artist has become one of the greatest dreams for countless people everywhere. This is because this success entails fame and fortune that they can only dream of. But to make this dream come true, they’d have to respect the hustle and stay consistent in putting out good music that people would continue to adore. 

However, the journey isn’t an easy one, as many artists in the industry already knew. There will always be challenges that will try to stop them from progressing, and how they overcome these obstacles are what will define their future in the daunting industry. 

Kejuan Stradford, aka Superstar KJ, is no exemption to having such problems. Born and raised in Fort Lawn, South Carolina, Superstar KJ started his career in music after he realized his passion for singing and songwriting during basic training for the Army National Guard.

Problems With Finance 

Gaining an audience and marketing themselves are some of the most demanding activities for new artists. This is because they need to invest time, effort, and funds to create the image that they want to leave with their audiences. 

And for Superstar KJ, it became a slight snag in his career as he soon found himself running out of finances to market himself. Yet this didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loved to do: making music. 

So he continued to work on his career and invest in himself by doing different music showcases in his area. Eventually, this helped him weather out his problem and continue to grow his career. 

But the growth of his career isn’t only for his sole benefit. His humility and mentality of sharing his success with others are what fueled him to do better and better everyday as an artist. 

“I want my brand to be so big that it brings jobs and benefits others,” he said. 

One of his goals in life is to have the number one song on the billboard while being able to change the lives of his family and those around him. 

Dealing With The Demands 

With the constant demand for creativity and the need to put out quality music everytime, Superstar KJ takes a well-deserved break where he can refocus his thoughts and energies.

So when faced with obstacles, he turns to his family, the people who believe in him the most. He allows them to motivate him to do the right thing and finish what he started as a music artist. 

“If I have no one to talk to, I try to think about the future and hope for something better,” he added.

Aside from finding refuge in his family, Superstar KJ also engages in other activities to avoid stress and burnout as an artist. This includes working out and riding motorcycles with the friends that he grew up with. 

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