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The impact of the internet and digital media leads to reading habits. Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B , these three young lads proving rich media contents and grabs the reader’s attention.

A young sensation giving an impressive digital content and making it viral. A group of three people initially started this website as a start up, and now it turned out to be the most reliable source of content to all the prominent readers. This emerging trio believes that people always crave for new information. They carry out the work and give excellent information to their readers. They are endowed with the ability to give genuine and legitimate content.

TamilGlitz was founded in June 2015 by the group of three – Rahul Bala, Mohamed Arqum, Felix B. This trio has given their brand name as ‘TamilGlitz’ primarily focused on the Tamil audience. This website provides Tamil Regional news, covers all Entertainment News including Cinema and Television updates, Current affairs and sports. They are recognized to be one of the biggest and leading digital media publishers in South India.

Dream turned to reality: Initiated by three and became a strong diligent group of 15 members added to their team who work round the clock providing instant Tamil Nadu news worldwide. Struggled initially since neither have any Backup nor contacts in the media field. Due to their perseverance, they built the brand with the help of emerging social media and Google search rankings. 

‘One optimism always gives a man’s success. Perseverance and optimism towards their work, leads to their remarkable reach in the media. They got recognized by various production houses and approved to do promotions for their movies. Have collaborated with top Tamil Production House to promote Teasers and Trailers and received appreciation from the viewers. They are recognized by celebrities too. Top cinema celebrities are some of their media clients.

Rising to popularity:

The team says that they enhanced the content and work which provides rich content for their regional audiences. They have been working for the past 7 years with diligence on Digital platform and their network has an aggregate of 5 million regional followers on Facebook. Their official Facebook page has 1.1 million highly anticipated Followers.


  • The young engaged start-up to one of the leading Digital News Content Creators in just 2 years of start.
  • Earned the Production houses recognition and became a medium to release official Teasers, Trailers of many Tamil Cinemas.
  • Conducted movie reviews and rewarded as a Trusted site by audiences.
  • Promoting and elevating various Tamil Cinemas to the right set of audience.
  • Projects genuine news and creates discussion forums among readers on social media.

Future Goals:

 TamilGlitz’s future desire is to make Digital News Content Easily readable and accessible to all around Tamil Nadu with the UpToDate authentic information. With diligence, they decided to create original content of the real news to make the audience understand better and document the news with testimony in detail. Planning to concentrate more on Hyperlocal News and its impact.

Twitter: @TamilGlitzin

Facebook: TamilGlitz.in

Instagram: @tamilglitz.in

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