Popular Apology Flowers That State I Am Sorry

We all do mistakes; we all mess up. There is nothing incorrect with being awkward at times, but not owning up for your blunders is surely wrong. However, we know that you may not be pretty good at saying “I am Sorry” solely at heart; you apologize. For all those times when you want to say Sorry, feel apologetic, express your guilt like you genuinely expect it, then get the help of flowers.

Yes, flowers may be nature’s most exquisite creation, but they are emblematic of human affect not only the active ones but the sorrowful ones as well. There are apology flowers that will work their charm to make you forgive the receiver. flower delivery in chandigarh to convey your apology to your special one.

Star of Bethlehem

Being bright white, the flower is the representative of agreement, an appropriate option at the time of apologizing. This unique flower can carry your desire for adjustment to your mate, and its bright white color means innocence, and it induces you to be sorry for what damage you have done to your receiver.

White Orchids

When you present, I am sorry flowers, you intend to get the person to feel that you regret your words & deeds. That’s precisely why you should send your heartfelt apology with white Orchids because it signifies sincerity. Not only this, the white color is a premium because it symbolizes peace and agreement.

White tulips

Tulips mean a fresh start and the season of spring also. Though having various varieties in color people usually pick white tulips when it is time to say sorry. White tulips are supposed to be happy flowers and the color white is the emblem of peace. Aside from the representatives and definitions white tulips are, therefore, globally adored, quite elegant, and extremely stylish flowers. A bouquet of white tulips with a note can enhance the chance of your being forgiven.

Pink Carnations

Pink carnation is a runner-up flower to finish up the mistake with joy. You have the nature of overlooking memorable dates. It is embarrassing, but it’s a regular habit. But you can take one step to kill that blunder by presenting Carnations a flower bouquet. Pink and red carnations are usually used in saying sorry to a girlfriend or spouse. You ignored the anniversary date, neglected to wish her on birthday which she expects you to recognize. So here a pink and red carnation encourages you to rescue from her explosive anger. Down on your knees, present her a bouquet of carnations and say “I sincerely feel sorry for what I did”. She has a kind heart inside and she will not stay mad for a long period.


Incredibly delicate and fragile plants and should be managed with responsibility, like the relationship that has been made between you & your receiver. Arguing with yourselves can be detrimental to your relationship. So do not think differently and choose Lily-of-the-valley as a gift to strengthen your relationship.

Blue Hyacinths

When considering apology flowers, Hyacinths may not come to your brain as a favorite. It is because these bulbous spring-blooms are pretty much to convey the sorry notes. However, they do. The flowers are symbolic of “making peace.” Therefore, after a significant blowout, make harmony gracefully over this bunch of flower delivery in gurgaon in hues of blue. Blue is a calming stone and will pacify violence.


Ivy always goes with a different bunch of flowers. Working as trustworthy foliage and lending to the lusciousness of bouquet, Ivy adds a bit of dependability and comfort, the one thing which you want to carry the most when you have messed up. It is perfect and you can never go overboard with them! Prototype for people who wouldn’t like to get frilly displays of love and care but a definite hint at it!


Rose is a flower whose various colors signify various abstract ideas. It is loved quite affectionately, by people all over the world. It is assumed that yellow roses imply friendship, and are pretty apt for expressing your honest apology. Arranged nicely in a bouquet, roses convince the person on the opposite side to forgive you. The more the roses, the possibility of your getting forgiven increases. Do not neglect to add a note with the bouquet.

Everything is always answered best when it’s related to flowers, and that involves saying sorry. If you’re looking for what flowers say “I’m sorry”, then we’re the people to speak to. Not because we’re awful personalities who have to say sorry all the time, but because we love handcrafting notable messages through flowers. Get in touch to get the excellent bouquet for your special apology!

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