• Hello everyone, we are all here know about a great thing and a little bit strange game, you must try in once in your life. Yes we are talking about a lottery tickets, lottery is things that you are challenging Billions of people and if your luck is sharper then other people you might’ve a chance to win upto INR 50 lacks. Billions and billions of people try to luck in different type of lotteries like some in casino.
  • Like that here is a lottery with amazing talent and a lot of fun having different ideas in this lottery game. We can also say that it’s a full of exciting and have entertainment with every participant in this lottery show. Yes, we are talking about a lottery of KBC JiO winners.
  • KBC is an Indian show and hosted by Bollywood star actor Amitan Bachan sir and the JIO owner is Mukesh Ambani sir, KBC is show that Billions of like to watch this show and they even can’t skip any episode of this show, millions of people like this show and also watch in many countries not in just india. KBC is show where you just need a some knowledge because it’s a totally unique quiz competition every participant has chance to win their prizes, each question has different prize.
  • If you want to join KBC lottery where you have chance to change to your whole life in just one show where you just need some knowledge and slove the question in this game you also get 3 life line chances you can call anyone for these question. Amitab Bachan sir a different and best anchoring style. And he is the major attraction of Audience.
  • In india Billions of people want to join KBC and get chance to change their life, most important is that this is not just for Indians people it’s for all countries, you just need a valid number from any moblie operator in india.
  • Now I’m telling you that how you can enroll you self for this lucky draw 2021. A good news for all the lovers of KBC, because it’s announcing a online lucky draw, KBC included all india sim card in this lucky draw. KBC held this lucky draw twice in a month. You just need to visit and just buy an indian network sim card and call KBC head office 0019188444474 then you number will automatically include in lucky draw.
  • Why are you waiting for it’s a India’s best show all the time. I’ll explain KBC lucky draw is an exclusive platform for passionate go-getter. Get up and grab the ultimate key to yours dreams and envision on the most thrilling moment of your life right after the next KBC lucky draw number.
  • There are many scammers and cheaters who want to cheat you using name of KBC lucky draw, they call you and ask for claiming your prize, we insist you drop the call after suspecting it fake. You should report the customer care regarding such a fake call. We just secure you KBC sim card for database purpose only. We don’t need any of your sensitive information. We experience many that involved sim duplication in claiming the prize and maybe later they used for many other crime.
  • To avoid any type of scams you need to use official website where you get more information about KBC lucky draw even you can find winners name lottery no and many other thing also call KBC head office if you have any scams call. The website is all about the KBC lucky draw it’s a only and official website of KBC where you can search your lottery ticket and also lottery will be held twice in month 1th and 20th every month of 2021. Kindly visit this website and avoid to use different website for claiming your prize.

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