Hi Tee Green! Where did that name come from?

​Well, my parents always called me Tee so it kind of stuck and Green is my birth surname.

You’ve been singing for years. What made now the right time to start releasing your own music?

Well, this particular song is very close to my heart, 3 years ago I split up with my long-term partner and one of her phrases to me during the split was “I can’t live on love alone ” and I answered her “Love aint enough? ” I tried to cope with that break up for a long time and then we had lockdown which didn’t do me any good neither, I got really depressed.  I’ve looked after a lot of singers who have suffered with depression so I know how they feel and some psychiatrists have actually sent people to me to help them with singing therapy,  which is basically getting them to sing their favorite song. It worked for them and I even got some of them off anti-depressants. So, friends suggested that I do the same for myself rather than me just helping others, I did and it worked for me too. One of my close friends Caroline Stevens (songwriter) called me one day and said I’ve got a great song for you to sing and it’s called When Love Aint Enough, why don’t you start by singing that.  I heard the song and was shocked it was like she had read my mind she had got inside my head. To be honest singing it was like lifting a weight off my shoulder, a musical vent and i got everything that i felt off my chest just by singing this song.  Its put me back in the spotlight and to be honest I’m actually loving it, back in the game and raring to go, it’s never too late for anyone.

What has being a vocal coach taught you about the music industry or about music in general over the years?
Being a vocal coach has taught me that there are people out there who appreciate the help that I give them to maintain a certain standard, so they can deliver the goods and prolong their careers. So, for arguments sake, if they have a 30 date tour, they will be able to maintain a certain level and deliver their best performance every night 

Mental health is a big part of why you began making music again. If you could go back in time and talk to your past self, what advice would you give the Tee Green who was in a bad place?

Mental health has `played a huge part in why I’m back in the game. My advice to me would be, start to like myself a bit more than I did before, stop self-loathing and believing what other people say. You see there are a lot of people out there that like to say things to knock you down, its only to make themselves feel bigger and better and feel empowered. So, basically stop listening to all that negativity, get some self-belief again self-confidence and be proud of who you are. At the end of the day were all different, no one is the same. So, everyone has a purpose, we all have something to offer, no one person has the right to dim someone else’s light. So, I try to give myself that light now, I won’t allow myself to be knocked down to aa point where I actually believed I wasn’t good enough. So, my advice, ignore the negatives.

What has been your essential listening for lockdown? Any albums/playlists/songs which have seen you through?

Well, I’m a huge Earth Wind and Fire freak, they always give me an uplift, especially when I’m doing housework.Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Donnie Hathaway, He is the Boss.Lots of love songs, if I’m feeling sorry for myself ha ha Lots of different stuff really, I’ve also been writing stuff for other people and TV adverts, I’ve tried to keep myself as busy as I can be with the restrictions in place.  I’ve been learning some new songs, so when Gigs start again, I have fresh material .
Tee Green’s single ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ is out now

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