INTERVIEW: Cassa Jackson

Hey Cassa? Where does that voice come from?? Have you had training or do you just practice a whole lot?

Hey! Awh thank you so much! To be honest I haven’t had any professional training as such, but I have been singing my whole life. I was always involved in musical theatre shows growing up and so had a lot of practice projecting my voice on stage for those roles (my favourite being Rizzo in my school show of ‘Grease’). Now that I do this for a living though, I practice everyday and am always working hard on my vocal technique so that I can keep my voice healthy!

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

All of my songs are autobiographical so I find inspiration from my daily life and things that happen to me and my friends. My songs are open, raw and honest and about the ups and downs of young love and life. If I’m going through something, even if it’s hard I know I’m gonna get a good song out of it, so every cloud has a silver lining eh!? Also I find it helpful to read a lot for lyric inspiration (newspapers etc have some cracking phrases which I jot down in my notes ready for a session).

How have you continued to build your fanbase/reach your fans over the pandemic and lockdown?

I know it sounds weird but lockdown has actually done wonders for being able to build a fanbase. I started TikTok in January and have religiously posted every day and it’s my new favourite thing. I now have 150,000 followers after just a few months and it has translated into lots more people streaming my songs. For example, my song ‘Parallel Universe’ that I released last year as part of my debut EP ‘He’s No You’ has now reached over a million and a quarter streams on Spotify just from one video going super viral on TikTok. Lockdown enabled me to have the time to write new music, engage with new fans and find my sound, I am very ready to get back out gigging again though!

How have you found balancing your studies and your music career? 

It’s been tough at times and it has definitely meant making sacrifices sometimes (normally sleep aha!). But I’ve always been so passionate about my music that nothing can stop me finishing that lyric even if it’s 3am! I am definitely pleased to have finally finished the degree and to now be able to dedicate all my time to music, but I am proud to have been able to get where I am though whilst doing a degree at the same time so let’s see where this next year takes me!

Do you find that your experience of studying languages has impacted the way you write/think about lyrics?

Oh definitely, in a very positive way too. I’ve studied every aspect of language, from the etymology of words to idiomatic expressions to basic syntax and I think it’s helped me write in a more creative and interesting way. Also doing a degree in languages, contrary to what people would think, is actually only a small part about the languages itself, it’s mainly history, literature etc and things related to the culture of that language and this wider knowledge has definitely made me see the world in a different way. However, now that I can speak three languages I am excited to write songs in French and Spanish and broaden my fanbase by connecting to my fans on a deeper level and what better way than in their own mother tongue!

What’s next for Cassa Jackson?

I genuinely cannot wait for what’s ahead. I’ve got new music galore after lockdown and I am so excited for everyone to hear it, plus some cool new music videos to accompany those releases. Hopefully lots of gigs too so I can get out and meet my fans in real life- oh and I’ve got a feature with a big DJ coming out soon too so keep your ears peeled!

Her new single ‘Learning How To Love’ is out next Friday June 25th.

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