Artist Day1 Anti Releases New Song “Rider”

Fresh to the scene is up-and-coming artist Day1 Anti looking to get his name established in the hip hop music industry. Rising from the streets of Detroit, Anti knows what it is like to come from nothing and work for what you want in life. He is taking the same principles that have helped him get through his life thus far and applying them to his music as he paints a picture of his past experiences within his songs. His resilient attitude and drive to become the best are two factors that keep him going day in and day out, and the efforts are starting to pay off.

Recently releasing a new song titled “Rider,” Day1 Anti puts his talents up for showcase. Riding the beat as if it were a wave, Day1 Anti comes in smooth and composed as he talks about how people used to be riders, but they switched up on him. It can be a cold world out there once you start bettering yourself and others stay the same, but Day1 Anti knows that it comes with the territory.

Rider” is some of Day1 Anti’s best work to date and is a featured track on his album “Broken Sin.” With plenty more tracks in the works, look for Day1 Anti to cause a ruckus in the tail end of 2021. 

Stream Day1 Anti’s “Rider” on Spotify here.

Follow Day1 Anti on Instagram here.

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