Allied Wallet Acquires One of the Largest Hong Kong FinTech Companies

Allied Wallet, a global FinTech corporation offering various payment solutions in 196 states, previously announced that they had acquired Epayment, one of the largest financial technology companies in Hong Kong.

Allied Wallet has shown record-breaking growth for over a decade in the digital expenditures and Fintech space. In the past year alone, they have expanded their offering in a countless number of countries including: Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Vietnam, Peru, and many more.

Their goal is to connect more consumers and sellers internationally and allow people to transact with whichever payment method they prefer.

Allied Wallet and Founder Andy Khawaja made note of Epayment’s success in Hong Kong. The way that Epayment was able to connect with users was very powerful in this region.

“I knew that if we could combine the products, features, and functionality of Allied Wallet with Epayment, that we would have a leading product and service in Hong Kong. We are very happy to have acquired Epayment, and we are excited to provide an even more advanced solution in the region. We look forward to making new announcements as this develops,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder of Allied Wallet.

86.3% of Hong Kong’s population are net users. As e-commerce continues to grow in the region, Allied Wallet is positioning itself to be the leading FinTech company in Hong Kong and abroad.

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