5 Apps To Watch Series And Movies Online With Friends

It’s hard to spend so much time away from family and friends, but there are extensions and programs that can help us get back together and kill the homesickness, doing something we all love: watching a movie or series together! 

With that in mind, we decided to list five free and easy-to-use apps so that people can continue to share experiences, even in quarantine times. The tools are amazing, but the message is worth it: use it wisely and ethically, above all. And have fun!

Netflix Party 

The Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that creates a virtual session for two or more people attending a production available on Netflix at the same time. 

To use it, just install it in the browser , open a movie or series on the platform and click on the “NP” icon on the top tab of the page (next to the URL). Thus, the session will be created and will generate a link to invite other people. 

Sessions have a text chat for participants to chat. It is also worth mentioning that the tool is free, but requires that each person is a Netflix subscriber.


The Discord is a voice application that is well famous in the gaming universe. But what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s also great for watching something with friends. 

That’s because, with the Discord Go Live feature , the user can broadcast live from their computer screen to up to 50 people (!). 

To use it, you need to be on the voice channel of a group, click on the “Screen” button in the lower left corner and select which screen you want to broadcast. Now just confirm to start the stream. 

It is noteworthy that this works only in the application, which can be downloaded here , and not in the web version of the program.


The Twoseven is an application that enables two people to watch YouTube together, Netflix, Vimeo, Crunchyroll and even private video (which are available on your own computer and not online). 

It is also possible to make video calls at the same time, so session participants see each other while watching some production together! To start using, just access this link and install the app.


Unlike the other options on the list, Kast is an application that is not limited to video streams, it lets you share everything you’re doing on the screen: the other person will see and hear what you do. 

This means you can watch a production from any streaming platform with friends. It supports the transmission of general videos, games, documents and other content. 

To start using, just access this link and install the app.


Syncplay is a program that enables the live broadcast of videos that are saved directly on the hard drive of the computer – not in a streaming platform. 

It supports various video players such as Media Player Classic and VLC. To get started, just download the program from this link and install.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a service by Amazon specially for their Prime customers. Amazon prime was launched in India just 10 years after its USA launch date. With Amazon prime you get the double benefit of free delivery on many products from Amazon.in.  

Amazon also offers a very amazing quiz contest which is popularly known as Amazon Prime Day Quiz Contest. This contest is easy to participate in, you just need to answer a few questions. On answering the questions correctly you get eligible for amazing offers like a new iPhone or a newly launched smartphone. To learn more about Indian films and television series visit www.marchedufilms.com

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