Why Instagram is your best social media marketing option

Instagram has introduced a change in the entire online business world. With more than a billion people using it every day, this is the largest market any business can find. Just think about this, if you want to showcase a product, then you would go to the place with the largest audience, right? Instagram is that platform for every online business. Earlier brands used to have just a website which used to be a storefront to order things from them, however, Instagram has introduced a better way to do the same thing. With its visual communication being the center of attention, products can flourish on this platform and so can businesses. So if you’re an online business thinking of getting a better online presence then here are a few reasons why Instagram is the best social media marketing option for you. However, before understanding how Instagram is your best friend online, you should know what social media marketing exactly is.

Social media marketing is very easy to understand. What it means is that you market your products on social media. How this is beneficial is that a lot of people use social media every day and they are susceptible to making choices for themselves. This is where the ads come in. if you advertise certain products to people who you know are interested in that niche, then the chances of that product selling, increase substantially. Now that you understand what SMM is, let’s take a look at how Instagram is best at it.

Its user base

Instagram has the second-largest user base after Facebook. With a strong figure of 1 billion people using this application, it fits right in for people who want to get their products in the public eye. Also, Instagram’s user base works on a lot of different niches, which makes it easier for brands to stand tall in their verticals. Also, Instagram’s user base is much more active on the platform with more than 28 minutes spent on average by a user. Since people give time to this platform, getting famous here is slightly easier in comparison to other social media platforms.

Its business tools

With its rise in user base and its potential functionality, the developers have added a lot of business tools that make this platform useful for businesses to be on. This includes their insights which give you exclusive information about your audience, their active times, their likes and dislikes, and much more. This gives the business an upper hand in displaying their products to the public and getting more engagement with their posts.

Instagram ads

No marketing strategy is complete without talking about ads and Instagram ads are one of the best advertising tools available in the market. Their tools help the marketers create ad sets that are guaranteed to succeed in most cases and are highly probable to get more sales for the product. Since Instagram ads have a higher reach than most advertising tools in other social media platforms, their conversion rates are much better than most. Also, since it’s a more visual platform, video ads blend right into someone’s feed without being differentiated much. This is great for the marketers because people tend to think ill of ads and this app helps them see that ads are not exactly that bad.

Influencer marketing

If you’re not looking to build a community for yourself, then influencer marketing is going to come in handy for you. Since Instagram has the largest number of influencers, you can get a lot of promotions for your products for cheap. Also, since it is competitive, every niche will have a lot of good profiles that will be willing to promote our content or products. Also, there are influencer marketing networks on Instagram that help you hire a lot of influencers to market your products at once.

Instagram vs any other platform

Instagram is one of the most visually communicating platforms out there. Since photos and pictures are the center of attention on this platform, getting high-quality images of your products can bring a lot of sales when promoted via Instagram. Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which have more text-oriented features, Instagram can help marketers build their brands with good image quality and great content surrounding their products. This is why Instagram is one of the most lucrative platforms for social media marketers to be on. As you can buy followers on instagram , that can literally help you in getting the work much easier.

In conclusion, if you have an online business, then Instagram can help you take it to heights. With a lot of tools that will work in your favor, Instagram is one of the best ways to grow our business. Being a visual platform, photos and illustrations work the best on this platform, and having a theme also helps. So if you’re trying to boost the sales of your products then Instagram is the best way to do so.

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