SINGLE REVIEW: You Always by Calvyn Cass

There’s no surefire way to write a pop hit. Anyone who has ever attempted to do so has either done it by complete luck (hello, one-hit wonders) or they’ve done it off of the redeeming continued success of the complete luck they once had thrown their way (hello, possible future Buzzfeed listicle “Where are they now?” fodder.)

The world of pop music is as unnavigable and unforgivable as any other in the music industry, if not more, and those going blow to blow with the Top 40 every time they choose to release a new piece of themselves out to bloodthirsty sharks through totally alien streaming services in an attempt to find common ground with prospective fans will never tell you otherwise. The smallest possibility of even a shred of worldwide fame and legions of fans imparts a sense of necessity in artists hoping to take on the sensation of becoming a piece of the pop zeitgeist, and the concept of risking it all for something so unattainable has become as much of a piece of American culture as the act of military enlistment.

Calvyn Cass is an unabashed newcomer to the bloodthirsty heavyweight division known as pop music and while he might not be a champion just yet, the gusto and training are more than present to ensure his future success when it comes to an attempt for that coveted heavyweight belt. Delivering a devastatingly catchy uppercut of a single with his newest track “You Always,” the probability of dodging this one out of your head is almost certainly nil. It features impeccable production with deeply symphonic touches sprinkled across a layered electronic composition and lyrics simple enough to sing and hum in any setting; longwinded description short, Cass has a surefire hit on his hands.

The subject of the track can be as deep as listeners choose for it to be, too, furthering its impending longevity as a standout pop sensation. Calvyn Cass is entirely aware of the throws and jabs that come with rising within the pop brand and “You Always” nearly circumvents every tried and true cliché and method listed in the pop music manual in favor of delivering something unique and inextricably tied to its songwriter’s own life story and impending trajectory.

Lyrically, the song won’t be crafting any think pieces with its humble songwriting nods, but the lyrics never make themselves feel like the focal point of the song and act almost entirely as a vessel that almost wholly exists just to deliver and propel the immaculate instrumental work and vocal range of Calvyn Cass to an audience worthy of such a show. There’s a beauty to the lyrical candor present within “You Always,” its repetitive nature working as hard as it has to without ever feeling detrimental to the rest of the project.

Cass knowingly winks with his frankness as he delivers notes in multiple octaves, so-called uncomplicated lyrics be damned. The future of Calvyn Cass is something nobody but the pop deities that be can entirely decree, but regardless of worldwide status (of which there certainly is the potential to be), the high-octane production of his singles so far only make the ride all that much more entertaining.

by Patrick Orr

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