La Sirena, single and video by Las Cafeteras.  With a lot of Latin divas joining I, the unique an jorocho/hip hop/rock/ reggae band releases a Spanish language tribute to the women, straight, gay and queer who have fought for human rights. Stream on Spotify, follow at

 More than Meets the Eye single by Bill Abernathy. Gravel-voiced Americana blues rocks that carries a great message and keeps you moving.  Echoes of Doctor John combined with Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Hot guitar riffs, heartbeat pulse drums, urgent lyrics.   From the new EP. Who Are You, Who Am I? Stream/download on Spotify, iTunes. Follow at

Hands on Glass by Athena.  Written while she was in isolation even from her husband and 2-year old son  and could only see them through the isolation room glass. , this is one of Athena’s most powerful songs.  Whew!   Av available on all platforms. Follow on

Undo a Whisper, single by Gracie and Racheal. Written, recorded and produced while the two women were separately in quarantine with Covid.  It is a reimagined rendition of their latest EP, stripped down with bare bones production and powerful intimacy.  It will stab your heart and yet make you smile. Stream on Bandcamp, Spotify. Follow at  Gracie and

Grown Ass  Woman, single from new album by Sharon Lewis. Slam-bang Chicago blues by Sharon Lewis and The Texas Fire Band.  Her music grabs your gut, her stories take no prisoners. The who EP is a blast, but I love Grown Ass Woman best.  Stream on Spotify.  Follow her at

Only One Us, album  by We Are the West. One of the most creative bands out there is out now with a beautiful  new album.  The song “Summer” will hypnotize you and bring back the endless summers of your youth.  For release on June 20. Pre-save on Spotify, . Follow at

Bonus:   Back Beat, single by Haywood.  Hypnotic hooks…and lots of fun.  On all major platforms.

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