Best Chewy dog food brands article on natural feeding

Natural Chewy feeding for dogs is one of the feeding options approved brands by veterinarians. It has its advantages and disadvantages, which are recommended to be familiarized with before choosing the type of food. Considering all the features, you can create a balanced and healthy diet that guarantees the health of your pet.

Features of feeding dogs with natural dog food

Natural dog food must not be mixed with dry food. If you choose this type of food, then you will have to adhere to it throughout, if not the entire life of the animal, then the long part of it.

Advantages over Chewy’s dry dog food brands for large dogs

The menu is based on the same type of food set, so basic cooking skills are enough for cooking. Self-cooking eliminates the presence of harmful components, since at the time of purchase you study not only the appearance, but also the composition. All proteins and fiber in pet food are natural and easier for the body to assimilate. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines. Thanks to the possibility of combining hard and soft foods, dental health is maintained. Hard particles prevent the formation of caries, while soft particles gently affect the gums. Due to the simplicity of the recommended menu, the cost of food for large breeds is less than dry dog food. In case of illness, it is easier to adjust the diet, since most therapeutic diets include conventional foods. Another reason in favor of the natural is that many owners like to feed the pet with natural pet food. And the psychological comfort of the owner is an important matter.

Disadvantages and inconveniences

The disadvantages include the complexity of compliance with Chewy feeding and the duration of cooking. To replenish the missing vitamins, you have to buy special supplements, the cost of which can be quite high. The pet will have to be fed exclusively fresh dog food, which complicates long trips. Temporary transfer to dry food has a detrimental effect on the gastrointestinal tract, leading to diarrhea or constipation. Most often, difficulties arise with representatives of small breeds. Such dogs are whimsical and do not need large amounts of food. Because of this, the owner spends a lot of time in search of suitable dishes and constantly throws away the leftovers.

We figured out how to make a dog food diet

What to feed and what not to feed the pet. Remaining to figure out how to feed your dog correctly? As soon as the dog crosses the threshold of your house, make a feeding schedule. Serve food at the same time. Place dog food in a bowl just before a meal. Give the dog 10-15 minutes, and after this time, remove the bowl. Even if there are leftovers in it, the dog dish must be removed. This will help your dog get used to eating at the same time and eating the entire meal. If access to food is to be limited, then access to water must be constant.

Do dogs need vitamins for natural feeding? Some owners add them to their food. Is there a need for this? With proper nutrition, your dog will feel energized and healthy. This means there is no need for supplements. Adding vitamins and other beneficial minerals to food is only worthwhile on the advice of your veterinarian.

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