Pros and cons of watching movies for free

Watching movies online for free can be seen as a cheap alternative to some subscription platforms like – Netflix or Amazon prime video. But just like Netflix has pros and cons, platforms like Yesmovies also come with some pros and cons. So feel free to use this as your guide in making the choice to subscribe to something like Netflix or to watch movies online for free.



Well, I guess I should say, ‘without prices’ because when you watch movies online without using a subscription, you tend not to be paying for the service. The companies make their money via advertising, so you may have to deal with a few pop ups, but that’s about it. For example, for Netflix’s most basic monthly subscription you’d be paying $8.99 per month, but with watching online on various websites other than those you’d be getting them free of charge. You have to do a little bit of looking and searching around to find a good website, but once you are there, they will not have any hidden fees.

Endless library

So, on subscription sites, one of the main reasons for people to cancel the outgoing payment is because of the choice available. I personally used to be subscribed to Netflix, but I ended up canceling it due to the lack of good variety. Yes, I have to give it to them, they did have variety, but not the kind that I craved. So you could say it is subjective. For example – on free streaming sites you can find anything you want, whether it’s just been released or it’s been around for 30 years. It’s very unlikely that you’ll not be able to find it online.

Keep you info

When you watch a TV series online on a free website you will not usually have to sign up to it. Meaning you can keep your information safe and secure, another great thing is no spammy or annoying emails. That’s something I noticed about Netflix, they email you a lot. Your email can become full of junk if you keep giving it away so easily to all sorts of online companies, so keeping your info out of other people’s hands is always a good idea.

No matter what

No matter what movie you’d like to sit back and watch, you’ll be able to find it online. Whether it’s from 1948 or 2021. If it’s been released, it´ll be there somewhere. Also another great thing is you’ll have access to a load of different dubbed movies, so no matter what your native language or the language you’re learning is, you’ll most likely have access to it. For example – If you’re an english native speaker who is trying to learn russian, you can find the movie in russian and just add subtitles to it. It can work vise versa also

Same content everywhere

When travelling you can open up your Netflix and realise that many of the shows you were able to stream at home are not available in the country you’re currently in , due to certain complicated reasons.


Not always easy

I guess it depends how tech savvy you are. If you have no idea how to get around and navigate a computer, I think you should pass on this. But if you can easily use a computer without the help of an experienced person, go ahead and binge watch all your favorite shows

Exposure to potential viruses

Watching movies for free is not always risky, but like most things it comes with potential risks. Ways to avoid being a victim of these potential problems is check up on forums about the website that you’d like to use. Find out what people’s experiences were like and then you can make the decision for yourself. For example – When you go to a site and accidentally click


One thing that is definitely extremely promennt on free movie and TV show sites are the insane amount of adverts and pop ups that you will be exposed to. Sometimes they can even pop up on your screen whilst you’re watching something. This can become fairly annoying and it is for sure one of the reasons why people switch to paying for a subscription.

Not as streamline

When you visit an app or site like netflix, you just do a few simple steps and you’re in. You can be watching a new movie that you’ve never seen or heard of before in a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds. But when using a free online movie website, it doesn’t always go as simply as this. The websites are often recycled over and over again after being taken down due to piracy.

It’s kind of illegal

When I say kind of I mean yes, it is illegal. But no, cops wont show up outside your house just because you fancied watching step brothers at 3am with a friend. So don’t worry, you’re not really committing a horrible crime or causing any serious harm to anyone.

Time to wrap this up

So what is the best option, it’s not an easy match when you look at both sides. I like the versatility of watching online for free, I also like how you can literally find anything that your heart desires. But you’ll also have to deal with strange pop ups with naked ladies and maybe even the potential threat of getting a virus on your brand new PC. But moving over to netflix, I love their easy to use design, and having the choice to pick up where you left off is a great feature. You’ll also get recommendations regularly, so you can waste even more time binge watching all sorts of TV shows and movies.

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