Looking to Spice Things Up in Your Marriage?

It is the finest connection. Love erupts like a blazing fire… then slowly sinks.

If you don’t get some new energy in your bedroom now and again, the heat can die out completely. Some couples believe that they are loveless or that the spark has been gone. That is not. It is not. There is still the person you came for, with the whole sex attraction that made the relationship sparkle at the start.

The spice of newness first kept the relationship intact; the thrill to discover the bodies, goodies, and personalities of each other. Such things have been easy to maintain. Routines have been established, and charges and/or children are shown as relaxed in the partnership that easy sexual chemistry has diminished. Also, please read our guide on the Best Ball Gag 2021.

This old romanticism now requires work.

You have dedicated yourself to your partnership, honoring that proactive commitment. Tonight change something with one or more of 20 new stuff to test in a couple’s bed.

Think about new positions

Sixty-four sexual positions are described in Kama Sutra. After three or four, most pairs grow fatigued. There are one or two working for him and the two working for him, which is what they always stick to.

Such a sexual regimen might grow tiresome rapidly. Do you want to do something new in bed? Try another position on sex. There’s nothing wrong with returning to the old faithful for the climax if you don’t want the new position.

And you might both find feelings that you never knew there were. Just know your body, and you or your partner, don’t hurt. Even when it turns out that the new posture is a funny mess, it isn’t a catastrophe; it’s about binding and laughing. Sex should be pleasurable, remember! Remember!

Keep the lights on or off.

A poll of more than 2,000 people indicated that those who had sex with the lights alone preferred. But those in a relationship or dimmer, darker surroundings, married, liked intercourse. You can also try to do something else in bed.

Try to keep light on if you normally want the cover of the night. This might be fantastic to try for him in bed.

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Try bonding

Couples have the thrill of strength or the hustle and bustle. In general, one spouse likes dominating, while the other partner is submissive (true to some couples that do not practice BDSM). Couples might occasionally change roles.

Don’t go to the handcuffs or cords directly.

Someone may get hurt easily. Try to tie yourselves up with silk scarves instead, maybe by wearing a blindfold.

No knots slide, as the circulation may be restricted and cut off. Use a stationary knot like a bowline or square knot. Food, fingers, and tongues, tease with feathers.

Share your imaginations

Don’t ignore the finest sources of all; if you want ideas on stuff to be in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Your spouse might be ashaming, raised to feel that they’re wrong or evil about his sexual fantasies. In the wrong environment, certain dreams could be politically improper or even insulting.

Consider making your partnership a safe place to speak about one another’s deepest wishes.

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